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The Calm of The Waves: A Aboriginal Dot Painting by Benjamin Shell (2019)

I choose to select a dolphin because of my lifelong connection to the ocean. Some of my earliest memories are of me playing at the beach. When I am by the ocean, I am the happiest. I feel so relaxed and comfortable. Sometimes when I am stressed, I will imagine myself staring out onto the horizon with waves crashing softly around me and a soft breeze running across my face. Along with my affinity for the ocean, I also feel that I share a fair number of traits with dolphins. Like these aquatic creatures, I am playful and energetic while also being able to turn defensive at the drop of a hat. They are also very social and empathetic creatures, qualities that I feel I also share.

This production was not only a study of aboriginal artwork but also a great medium for our own exploration and study of the principles and elements of design. The first element that we were exploring with this production was line, in this case, implied line. Following the aboriginal tradition, we used small dots to create implied lines that lead us to explore another element of design, shape. Instead of painting complex shapes, we used our implied lines to create simple shapes. Another key element that we explored in this production was color. Teaching us the importance of our color selection, we had to choose colors that fit with our selected creatures and our desired theme. Along with these important elements, we also explored the important principles of design. The most notable three in this production being movement, rhythm, and pattern. All of these principles were successfully utilized in combination with the elements of design mentioned above.

As someone who is not a particularly strong painter, I was very proud of this final production and the sentimental value it holds as well. Related website
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