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Kiwi: A Aboriginal Dot Painting by Samantha Levy (2019)

I chose a Kiwi bird since they are small rare flightless birds that are simultaneously cute and funny looking. I think that Kiwis are special and unique and I picked it since it was a unique and distinctive Australian / New Zealand animal. I relate to Kiwi bird’s individuality and I appreciate their cuteness.

I created this piece by watering down acrylic paint and dotting it on the black paper. I chose purple, brown, and blues as the colors I am working with to represent the ground, the kiwi, a river, and the sky. The dots create implied lines that create shapes. The color also helps to separate different shapes. I wanted the sky to change in value to create a gradient to make the stars glow. I used smaller dots to create a thin feathery texture on the bird. The dots create a pattern and add unity to the piece. It was a meditative process to make dots on the paper for hours. Related website
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