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Aboriginal Dot Painting: A Aboriginal Dot Painting by Tara Popovic´ (2019)

I chose a sea turtle as my animal because I admire the gracefulness with which they glide through the depths of the ocean as well as their introspective thoughtfulness.

This project was an exercise in implied line, balance, shape, and color scheme with paint. In brainstorming my animal and design, I focused on creating shapes with “lines” made of dots and creating a flowing feeling throughout the piece. The implied lines refers to series of dots placed near each other in a line to resemble a solid line but only implicitly. To create unity and movement across the piece as a representation of the ocean in which the turtle resides, I created long sweeping blue implied lines that ran behind the turtle. The turtle itself is made of clean white implied lines and filled with therapeutic earthen turtle colored spirals that represent the calmness of the state of “dream time” that the Australian aboriginals would go into when painting these paintings. For the physical production of the painting, I used the ends of a pencil, a q-tip, burnisher, toothpick, and various other elongated objects to make the various shapes of dots. Related website
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