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Far From Home: A Aboriginal Dot Painting by Francesca Seni (2019)

In Australia, many original paintings done by Aboriginals can still be seen on cave walls. Often times Aboriginals drew animals that they were hoping would make an appearance in the next season. To keep with this theme, I related my painting to my brother. He currently resides in New York, and since he is far from home I often miss him and anticipate his next visit. He was also given the unfortunate nickname of piggy when I was young, and for this reason I chose to draw a wild boar. This way, I could keep a balance between drawing an animal one would see in the wilde and staying true to what the original intent of the Aboriginals was.

The project was to explore implied line. We had done several practices before moving to our large paper. To do the actual painting, we dipped various objects, like the erasers of pencils, q-tips, and more, into acrylic paint that was thinned down with some water. This variety of tools we used gave us different sized dots to work with. I did most of my dots using the back of a pencil, but moved to a q-tip to do some of the finer details seen in the stars.

My background moves across the page in a wave to convey motion, and I seperated my sky from ground from adding salmon colored dots towards the bottom. The ground color also helped establish my color scheme. Related website
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