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Aboriginal Art: A Aboriginal Dot Painting by Jacqueline Owen (2019)

I chose a jellyfish for my Aboriginal project because I wanted to do a sea animal. A jellyfish is very free flowing and I’d like to think that my personality is pretty easy going in a similar way. I also think that many jellyfish are beautiful and can consist of amazing colors.

When it came to painting my Aboriginal piece, incorporating the elements of art was very important. Movement was one element that I found especially important for my painting. Jellyfish have a lot of parts that move a lot and the ocean has a ton of movement as well so I had to work to make both items look as though they were moving and flowing. To add detail to the Jellyfish I used a lot of patterns and shapes to give it a cool and intricate design. I also used dark and like colors to show contrast and highlights. My blue color scheme was based on the fact that the ocean is blue and it happens to be my favorite colors as well. Related website
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