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AavaSShock My character is a teenage girl named Morgan who has extremely strict parents. One day, Morgan's mom left the house so Morgan sneaks out on a date. When she gets to her date, Morgan and the boy see that the mom is at the same restaurant. The thought of her mom seeing them on their date scares Morgan, causing the boy and her to instantly flee the restaurant to make sure they get back home before the mom. I captured the moment when Morgan slams down the window sill after she crawled back in and turned around to see her mom standing right in front of her.

I chose to get the shot as a close up so the viewer could really feel the fear in Morgan's eyes when she saw her mom. The black background helped me capture the time aspect of the moment which was at night. Using this background also helped minimize the editing I needed to do in Photoshop because there were no creases in the backdrop that I needed to fix. I wanted to have direct light hitting her face to show that she had just been caught. In my eyes, this mimicked headlights on a police car when they catch a criminal. I faced some issues with lighting when I tried changing up the angles. Every time I changed the angle, I would have to change the light settings as well to make sure the light was hitting the correct part of her face, making it hard to switch back amongst angles. I solved this problem by keeping track of the settings for each of the three lights so I could quickly come back to an angle and know what my light settings were supposed to be.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Portraits/images/AavaS.jpgNarrative Illustration My comic begins with a girl setting the dinner table as she waits for her boyfriend to arrive home from work. As soon as her boyfriend gets home, the girl rushes over to kiss him. But, right after they say hello, the boyfriend runs back out the door. Disappointed and confused, the girl follows out after him. The middle of the story is a chase scene of the girl running after the boy and all the obstacles she goes through to find him during the chase such as stoplights, tripping, etc. She finally gives up and makes her way back home. The girl sits down at the dinner table alone, sad, and questioning where her boyfriend could have gone. All of a sudden, the door swings open and he bursts through the doorway with something in his hand. It turns out, that he had gone to get the engagement ring he left at work. The story concludes with the boyfriend getting down on one knee and proposing to the girlfriend.

I decided to illustrate the scene in which the boyfriend comes back home after the whole chase scene. In this illustration, the boy has just walked in from his surprising disappearance and is waving at the girl. Since the girl sitting alone at the table depicts her loneliness and sadness, her main emotions during the story, I made sure to include the dinner table in the illustration. We see her, shocked and taken back by the presence of her boyfriend in the doorway. This is the climax of the comic because after all this chasing and not being able to find her boyfriend, the girl now sees what she has been wanting since the beginning of the story.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Illustrations/images/AavaS.jpg/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Websites/images/AavaS.jpg"/~AavaS/project2/pages/home.html7sOY_jeyieIThe WindowfAavaSalehi

AlexanderBUntitled No Artist Statement /galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Portraits/images/AlexanderB.jpgStop! My comic is part of a story which describes a woman who, on a day as normal as most, saves a dog from being hit by a car. It starts out with a woman and a man, two neighbors, who are chatting with each other. As we begin to hear an approaching vehicle a dog from across the street wanders out of the door to greet the pair. The oncoming vehicle turns the corner onto their street and is speeding well beyond the speed-limit as the dog is crossing. Barely comprehending the moment, the woman jumps out to save the dog and the car hits her leg. With the dog saved, the woman is taken to the hospital with a broken leg and nothing more, as the dog is alive and happy.

In the scene that I chose to illustrate, the woman is diving to save the dog. The car is skidding and shooting out large clouds of exhaust as the driver does not even attempt to stop. The dog is unsuspecting and does not make any attempt to run away because he is excited to see the woman.

AndresenHTraining wheels My character is a boy who has a bike with training wheels. He likes to ride with friends but one day he sees a bike with no training wheels. He wants to feel grown up like them but he has never biked without training wheels. He takes the training wheels off and tries but fails. I wanted to show his sadness but also his courage to continue trying. The shot of him is after he sees the bike without training wheels.

I shot at my actor straight ahead. The props I used were a bike helmet to show he likes to bike. I had my actor make a sad face to show his frustration with learning to ride a bike. He has on regular clothes that the average kid would wear. I tried multiple shots for his face. I did not know which face would best fit his character.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Portraits/images/AndresenH.jpgTraining Wheels My story starts with a boy and his friends riding bikes on the street. They are all having a good time. Then the protagonist (the boy) notices that he is the only one who has a bike with training wheels. This instantly makes him feel like he is not grown up and he is very sad. The other kids make fun of him and he goes home. He sees the kids riding outside the next day and he takes the training wheels off his bike. He tries riding without training wheels and falls. The boy keeps trying to ride but continues to fall. He finally masters it and joins the other kids They are happy.

The scene I illustrated was when the kids are on the street riding and they start to make fun of his training wheels. It has the bike and the training wheels with the road in the background. I used the road for perspective. It has a speech bubble with the words from the kids that were making fun of him. I did this scene because I feel like this is when the story really takes off.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Illustrations/images/AndresenH.jpg/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Websites/images/AndresenH.jpg"/~AndresenH/project2/pages/home.html6oaRnASk5wQPig's FeetfAndresenHamlin

AndrewCUntitled No Artist Statement /galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Portraits/images/AndrewC.jpgApocalypse The portion of the story that I will be using is the moment when my main character, is gathering himself, and his thoughts before setting out to his ever-busy life as the last man on earth. A zombie apocalypse has wiped out everyone on earth but Rob is the last survivor. In the scene, Rob is doing his daily routine of checking his maps and calendars before setting out into the zombie infested town. The reason this moment is significant is because it is the only calm moment in his ever packed day. It is at this time where he marks down areas on his maps to stay away from. It is an interesting image in my opinion, this is how I imagined the mood to feel.

My pannell is a rectangle. I want to avoid confusion and stay away from any sort of hectic shapes. The colors that I used are blue and grey because I want to give this comic a dreary, scary and foreboding feel. The dialogue box I used says: ''Let's Go.'' This is right before Rob jams out of his safe-house and ventures into town. His thought's are collected, and now he's ready.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Illustrations/images/AndrewC.jpg/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Websites/images/AndrewC.jpg"/~AndrewC/project2/pages/home.html6oaRnASk5wQPig's FeetfAndrewCoan

AndrewGPlagiarism My character is simply named ''our hero.'' The story begins when our hero finds a journal on the ground while walking on the sidewalk. He decides to plagiarize the writing in the journal for an English assignment and goes back to his house to copy the journal with his own handwriting. The moment in time that I have captured in my photograph is when our hero is copying from the journal. The actor (whom I used to portray my subject) and I tried to convey the feeling of guilt and struggle over whether or not our hero should go through with his plan. Then, our hero feels guilty about betraying his morals and ethics. However, our hero feels as though he is doing what is necessary in order to receive the best possible grade. In this photo I was trying to capture the universal feelings that most people have felt at one point or another: internal struggle (because he knows that what he is doing is wrong but he also feels as though he needs to carry on with his plan) and guilt (because he is wrong).

I captured the shot with a red background in Freestyle's studio in order to convey the anxiety, guilt, and the overall negative feeling inside our hero. Then, I used a camera angle that was on the level of my subject in order to best show his emotion and body language. The props that I used were a lamp, a pencil, a journal, paper, and a table. The main problem that I encountered with the production of my photo was that the computer system, which other Freestyle students had previously used, had malfunctioned the day before I was scheduled to shoot in the studio. On the day of the photo shoot, Ms. Parkinson instructed me how to use the new system to take photos. I then had to become acquainted with the new system as quickly as possible in order to create the best photo. All in all, I am extremely proud of this photo and of the actor who was able to portray the feeling for which I was aiming.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Portraits/images/AndrewG.jpg''Plagiarism'': from Jon's Perspective A student (named ''our hero'') finds a journal on the sidewalk. Our hero reads the journal, realizes that the writing in the journal is great and decides to plagiarize from the journal for an English assignment. After he plagiarizes, our hero sees a label on the journal which says ''Property of Z.T.'' Our hero turns in his assignment and receives a ''100%'' grade in his classroom. He is, then, invited by the teacher to read his assignment in front of the class. As the hero is reading, Z.T. (one of the other students in the class) yells at our hero, (because the journal belongs to Z.T.) foiling our hero's plan. The teacher takes away the paper and changes the grade to a ''0%''. Z.T. takes his journal from our hero and the graphic novel ends.

In the scene I chose to illustrate, the climax of the story is taking place from the perspective of one of the background characters, Jon. Jon is witness to the ''slam'' that Z.T. makes as Z.T. realizes what our hero has done. I decided that, in order to make the idea of the graphic novel fresh and new (while still using the original graphic novel as the basis for my comic panel), I needed to use another perspective in the story. Therefore, I decided to use a background character's perspective. This use of another perspective gives a fresh take on the story I was trying to tell, without completely redefining the story itself. I used the colors of yellow, blue, and black to represent shock. I am very proud of my panel because I was able to create an interesting composition without sacrificing what made my original graphic novel interesting to read.

AngelicaDSuperstitious My character is Jackie Harold, a superstitious woman in her early 20's. Jackie is one of those girls who is always checking her daily horoscope, carrying a lucky pen, and never opens her umbrella indoors.

During the weekends Jackie has a routine of going to a restaurant then taking a walk in her neighborhood park, this weekend her destination was a new Chinese restaurant. In in the moment of the shot, Jackie is reading a fortune cookie that states; ''For every act of evil you do not stop, an act of evil will unveil itself to you.'' Her reaction is being depicted. This scene is essential since what is revealed by the cookie sets up the rest of the story.

I used a straight shot with three point lighting to create shadows in the background. I kept my character's makeup minimal to show that she is matured and older. Props were the biggest factor in my image, I really wanted to set the scene of the restaurant and have little things on the table that you would usually find when you are wrapping up your meal: a to go box, chopsticks, a bag, napkins, and most importantly a fortune cookie. The issues that I ran into was any slight movement that my model made, the light would change completely. Also, trying to get my model to create the exact facial expression I wanted was difficult. By showing my model the photos as soon as I would take them, I was able to explain to her any adjustments I wanted to be made.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Portraits/images/AngelicaD.jpgThe Fortune Cookie The comic I created is about Jackie Harold, a very superstitious girl who finds herself at a Chinese restaurant one weekend. When she is finished with her meal, the waiter gives her a fortune cookie as dessert. Jackie anxiously splits her cookie to find the fortune that reads; ''For every act of evil you do not stop, an act of evil will unveil itself to you.'' She then leaves the restaurant to find that her fortune is completely true, running into events that ultimately cause her to suffer a consequence. Multiple occasions occur in a cause and effect type of way, for example Jackie witnesses a bully pushing a victim and does nothing about it, in return a bird poops on her. She also sees a woman litter and as a result of Jackie not picking it up, she steps in gum.

In my scene illustration I used Adobe Illustrator to create the moment in which Jackie has just finished reading the fortune in her cookie. My goal was to make her look nervous and confused with what she just read. This scene that takes place in the restaurant happens very early in my story. In order to make the restaurant look three dimensional I used linear perspective.I decided to create it because the event of the fortune cookie is essential and is basically the cause of everything that happens in the story.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Illustrations/images/AngelicaD.jpg/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Websites/images/AngelicaD.jpg"/~AngelicaD/project2/pages/home.htmljWUEeKCgw9cA Light in the DarkfAngelicaD'Augusta

AnnSUntitled My character is named Eugene and he is a very lonely character. Because of events he encountered in the past, he has become afraid of the outdoors. Because Eugene works from home, he mainly stays inside, causing him to lead a very sheltered life. He is mainly on his computer every day and as a result, he gradually becomes addicted to that lifestyle. Due to the comfort of being at home, he does not go outdoors anymore. He has become isolated from human contact and nature. He has lost touch of human connection and comfort and forgot about the joy of exploring the world. However, one day he faces a dilemma when he finds out that his childhood friend has gone missing. He becomes conflicted on whether he should go back to the place where his childhood memories lives or if he should continue to stay trapped in his own home. The moment I decided to capture is when he is sitting behind his desk going through his everyday routine. I thought this dull and unimaginative environment best capture my character.

For my photoshoot, I had Peter, my model, sit behind a desk as he pretends to surf the web. To make this happen, I brought in a desk and a chairs along with a bunch of trash to depict a dirty environment. I also brought in a computer so it would perfectly encapture my character. Since I wanted the surroundings to be dark, I used low lighting. However, shadows kept appearing so I had to adjust the lighting multiple times in order to prevent them from showing up in the photo. I also tried to incorporate different angles to capture my model, such as shooting it from below, higher up, close up, horizontally and vertically. However, I ultimately chose a typical vertical shot as my final picture as I thought it depicted what I wanted best. For any final touches, we used Photoshop to edit any flaws we wanted to fix and add a vignette to complete the photo.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Portraits/images/AnnS.jpguntitled My story tells about a character named Eugene who is a very lonely person. Because of events he encountered in the past, he has become afraid of the outdoors because Eugene works from his home, he mainly stays inside, causing him to lead a very sheltered life. He is mainly on his computer every day and as a result, he gradually becomes addicted to that lifestyle. Due to the comfort of being at home, he does not go outdoors anymore. He has become isolated from human contact and nature. He has lost touch of human connection and comfort and forgot about the joy of exploring the world. However, one day he faces a dilemma when he finds out that his childhood friend has gone missing. He becomes conflicted on whether he should go back to the place where his childhood memories lives or if he should continue to stay trapped in his own home. He eventually makes a to face his fear as he finally steps outside his house. As he goes outside, he discovers that the world isn't as petrifying as he thought.

The moment I decided to illustrate is when he finally makes his choice by facing his fears. I decided to do this scene because it is the turning point of the story. This scene is vital to my character because he does something that he was afraid to do for years. To illustrate this, I chose two scenes from my comic and made it into one scene On one side, you can see my character opening the door to face his fears. You can see the contrast of the isolation his dark house provides to the vitality of the city in order to show the difference between them. On the other side of the scene, you can see his reaction to the city. You can see both fear and excitement spread across his face. Also you can see the cities in his eyes. I wanted to capture my character's emotions perfectly and I thought that scene characterized Eugene best as it exemplifies his raw emotion.

BrandonTMichael the Tree My character is Michael the Tree. He's a tree who hates children, but he lives in a park that never seems to have a lack of kids. My story documents his multiple attempts to get rid of the kids. Eventually, he manages to scare everyone away. Although, he soon realizes that he misses the company of the younglings that he believed had pestered him. He's saddened by what he's done and he regrets his poor decisions. This is the moment I captured. The moment in my graphic novel when Michael realizes he doesn't actually hate children. I chose this moment because it is the turning point of the story (when Michael has a change in character).

I had my model looking backwards over his shoulder at a teddy bear as a way of portraying him looking back at his mistakes. Like I stated in the first paragraph, he's saddened by his past and the things he has done and he regrets it all. My props were a teddy bear and a bag of leaves. The teddy bear symbolized the kids and the bag of leaves was for a tree-ish effect. I didn't use makeup of any sort because I didn't feel like my model needed any. All of the problems I encountered were during pre-production. First, I had to scrap my original character portrait because it had death in it. So I had to come up with a new idea and through constant brainstorming and multiple scraping of ideas, Michael the Tree was born. The second problem I encountered was trying to turn a tree into a human for the portrait. Thanks to the guidance of Ms Parkinson, I ended up using my grandfather surrounded by leaves (the correlation between my grandfather and Michael is that they're both old). So that is practically all of the problems. Getting my grandfather to do what he was told was a little bit tricky but besides that, the production phase was problem free.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Portraits/images/BrandonT.jpgA not-so-lively day at Michael's park Michael is a 145 year old oak tree planted at a park. The park he's based in is inhabited by many small woodland creatures and small human children. This is a problem for Michael because has an irrational hatred for children. The story is about how Michael eventually manages to rid himself of the pesky little children through various acts (such as dropping acorns on them). Soon after, the park was deserted and for a short time Michael is content with his work. Some time passes before he realizes that the park has become lonely and he realizes the error to his ways. He no longer hates children and instead, he longs for them. He sulks for a good bit of time before a young child befriends him and they lived happily ever after (the sequel could be the giving tree).

The scene I chose to portray was after Michael had rid himself of all the kids. He stands in the middle of a now grey and lonely park. There's nobody around except a few trees in the background. The once kid filled playground that juts out in the corner has now been deserted and left to rot. Michael thinks to himself, ''They're all gone…''. The ellipsis at the end was me trying to convey his regret.

BrennanMThe Miner The character that I chose to photograph is called Coal Miner One. He is the main character in my narrative who has a very depressing story behind him. Coal Miner One was a very poor, unhappy miner who had nothing going for him in life before he found a gem that changed him forever. The moment in time that I captured of Coal Miner Number One, was a moment of great sorrow and sadness. This was obviously a moment in time before he found the majestic gem. The photograph depicts the sadness that my character felt before he had discovered the gem.

I captured this shot after with a head on angle because I felt like it made the picture up close and personal with the viewer, which also allowed the viewer to truly feel the sadness within my character's facial expressions. I tried many different angles but the head on shot was by far the best way to go for trying to show sadness within my character. The make-up for my character was easy because all I needed was some chalk to put on his face and clothes, which simulated the look of someone who was working in a coal mine. The problems I encountered while trying to get the best photograph was finding the best angle and lighting to show my character's sadness. Once I found the head on shot with darker lighting, I knew it was meant to be because it complemented my character's facial expressions so well.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Portraits/images/BrennanM.jpgThe Coal Mine With my comic, I decided to tell the story of a poor coal miner who finds a gem that changes his life forever. Before the gem was found, the coal miner lived a very depressing life of loneliness and sadness. Day after day, he would go into the dark, dirty coal mine with the hope of finding something that would turn his life around, and even though he never came close, the coal miner never gave up hope on finding something that would finally let him achieve happiness. With almost no hope or motivation to keep living his miserable life, the coal miner comes upon a gem while working in the coal mine, a gem of great wealth and fortune. With this gem, the coal miner finds happiness and never looks back upon his poor life that required him to work in the coal mine.

With my comic book scene, I decided to depict the most important and greatest part of my comic. The scene shows the moment when the main character in my narrative, the coal miner, finds a gem that would change his depressing, lonely life forever. In the scene, the coal miner holds the gem in his dirty hands as he stares at it with pure amazement. This was my favorite scene in my graphic novel and I knew at once that I needed to use it for this project.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Illustrations/images/BrennanM.jpg/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Websites/images/BrennanM.jpg"/~BrennanM/project2/pages/home.htmlq2GKVTlphTkThe RacefBrennanMyers

BrittanyHSpreading Color My character is an average person who has nothing special going for him. He lives in a boring world and everything in his whole life is lacking in color. He very badly wants to find love, and he writes lots of love poems expressing his need for someone to come and bring color into his life. On his way to work, he leaves his poem on the bus. A girl then finds his poem, reads it, and becomes extremely intrigued by it, running off the bus to give it back to him. They later meet in a coffee shop for a date and she brings the color into his life that he was looking for. In my photograph, I captured him looking longingly at a rose that signifies love.

I captured the shot using one light rather than three so that only part of his face was highlighted while the rest was in shadows. I did this because I wanted the photo to be in black and white and I thought it would look the best with only one light, which it did. I did this because I thought it would give him a longing and sad look. I posed him looking down longingly at the rose to show how much he desires love in his life. I didn't want many props because I thought it would be distracting, so my only props were the rose and a stool for him to sit on. In Photoshop, I felt the photo looked best in black and white. I also changed the quad-tones so the photo had colder shades of gray and blue than just black. I then decided that the rose should be the main focus of the photo, so I left it in color to signify the love and color needed in his life.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Portraits/images/BrittanyH.jpgSpreading Color My comic book portrays the story of an average person with nothing special going for him. He lives in a boring world and everything in his life is lacking in color. He very badly wants to find love, and he writes a lot of love poems expressing his need for someone to come bring color into his life. One day on his way to work, he leaves his poem on the bus. A girl then finds his poem and reads it. She is extremely intrigued, and runs off the bus to give it back to him. They later meet in a coffee shop for a date, and she ends up being the color in his life that he was looking for.

In this particular scene, my character is chasing after the bus after leaving his poem on it. I chose to capture this particular scene because I thought it was the most climactic and interesting scene to illustrate. I made the word ''STOP!'' very big and take up a lot of space because I wanted it to look like he was screaming it really loudly. I used different shades of gray, black, and brown in my artwork, and included very little color. I did this to show that the town is very boring and bland. I used Illustrator to create my artwork.

CameronCFame The name of my character is Christopher. He is a struggling artist in San Francisco who is trying to get his work published in a magazine, but no one will publish it. At this point in the story, Christopher has just left the building of his favorite magazine. He was there to show the publisher one of his paintings in hopes that they would put it in their next magazine, but he was rejected and told to leave. On his way home, he saw an open wall and decided that he did not care about the magazine denying him; he just wanted to paint. This picture was taken as Christopher was painting graffiti on the wall and saw a police officer come up behind him.

I captured the shot by having my model, Drew, wear nice business clothes that he would have worn to the magazine interview. I had him untuck one side of his pants to represent one side of him as an artist, compared to his other side as a businessman. He is holding a paintbrush because he is posing like he is painting on a wall. He is not wearing makeup because he is supposed to look like a normal person who actually has a hidden talent. I arranged the lights to make him look bright and stand out against the background, because the picture represents the moment when he is caught by the police. It is supposed to have a ''deer-in-headlights'' kind of look. I did not encounter any problems while taking this shot, and Drew was a great model who knew exactly how to portray the character that I wanted.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Portraits/images/CameronC.jpgFAME My story is of a struggling artist who has just been to a magazine agency to try to get his art published. After being denied by the magazine, he leaves the office, feeling defeated and feeling sad that his art will never be seen by the public. He then sees a blank city wall and gets the idea to take matters into his own hands and publish his work on his own. He decides to paint his art on the wall.

In this scene, the artist, who is painting on the wall illegally, has just been caught by the police. His art is so important to him that he wants to finish it and stick around to see peoples' reactions to his work once it is done. The artist is also scared of what the policeman will do, and he is debating whether he should run or finish his art. In the illustration, viewers can see the look of fear and conflict on the artist's face as he stands, frozen, trying to figure out what to do. I used cool colors like blues, grays, and purples, to give the scene a calm look. The artist and his painting are the only red in the picture because they are supposed to stand out and show that they differ from the norm by painting on the wall in red, which does not match the scene at all. I designed my comic on Illustrator.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Illustrations/images/CameronC.jpg/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Websites/images/CameronC.jpg"/~CameronC/project2/pages/home.htmlXxStxCGOrOIThe ShirtfCameronConway

CelineDThe Girl with the Bags My character is a girl who lives a very affluent life. Many people see her as a spoiled brat, but under the surface she is soft and very understanding. She is holding an abundance of shopping bags because it shows that she can afford anything she wants. Even though she portrays a snotty rich girl, she is also a friendly and intelligent person. The scene I have captured is her walking out of the clothing store and making her way to the next boutique.

I captured the shot by dressing my model in expensive looking clothing and had her hold several shopping bags. This conveys the message that she is wealthy and is willing to show off her wealth. I used a black background to make my model stand out more because her character is typically the center of attention. My most challenging problem was figuring out how to adjust the multiple lights, I did not know if I wanted the lighting to shine on her left or right side or if I wanted a soft light or a harsher light. In the end I decided to shine the light from a certain angle that flattered my model more. Another problem was how to dress my model, I told her to dress as pretentiously as possible. She attempted to embody my character but I had to direct her clothing and makeup choices. The final product was fantastic and my model did a great job of posing and embodying my snotty and spoiled character.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Portraits/images/CelineD.jpgThe Shirt My comic is about two girls. The protagonist is a very wealthy girl and the supporting character is a homeless girl. The affluent girl purchases a shirt and she goes outside to see how it looks on her. Upon seeing her reflection, she thinks the shirt looks bad on her so she tosses it aside. The shirt falls in front of a homeless girl. The homeless girl picks up the shirt, tries it on, and ties a belt to it. Now the shirt is more aesthetically pleasing. The rich girl walks back into the scene and spots the shirt on the homeless girl. The rich girl recognizes her old shirt she threw away and she also notices how good it looks on this poorer girl and she forcefully asks for it back. The homeless girl takes the shirt but, as she saunters away she realizes that the homeless girl needs the shirt more than she does. In the end, the wealthy girl gives the shirt back to the homeless girl.

The scene from my comic I depicted was when they were walking down the street towards each other and the rich girl was surprised to see a familiar shirt on the poor girl.The rich girl is aggressively asking for her shirt back and the homeless girl reluctantly complies. I depicted the scene in an outdoor setting with a linear perspective of the street. I also made the girls look similar to show that their physical appearance and clothing is only on the outside and they are very similar beneath it all. This scene is very important because it forces the rich girl to realize that there is value in everything and to not take things for granted. From the poor girl's perspective, it shows that kindness can come from the most unsuspecting people.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Illustrations/images/CelineD.jpg/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Websites/images/CelineD.jpg"/~CelineD/project2/pages/home.htmlXxStxCGOrOIThe ShirtfCelineDo

ChantiHBeliefs My character is Natalie Drew, a Christian girl who falls in love with a boy whom she discovers is Buddhist and this forces her to question her own faith. In the photograph, she doesn't know yet that he's Buddhist and she's lost in thought about the boy she just started dating and the feeling that she is about to fall for him. She also feels very connected with God and has no questions about her faith.

I was very particular with the lighting and the way it hit her face and especially her necklace. I wanted her to be looking slightly into the light to give an angelic feel to the photo and I wanted the cross necklace to really stand out to the viewers by shining in the light. She's also holding, what the viewer can infer to be the Bible which emphasizes her belief in Christianity. I had her wear a white sweater which reinforces the angelic feel and adds an innocence to her character. I gave her very natural makeup and hair styling to also represent her innocence.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Portraits/images/ChantiH.jpgBeliefs My comic tells the story of a Christian girl who falls in love with a Buddhist boy and begins to question her faith in God. She begins ignoring his texts and even ignores him when they coincidentally see each other at the grocery store. In the end, she finds a line in the Bible that promotes acceptance and this leads to her decision to continue dating her boyfriend.

My illustration is from the story of the boy from my comic and what his life at home was like. His father doesn't accept his decision to become Buddhist and frequently gets angry with his son for meditating. In the illustration, he has just found his son's incense and is yelling at him for purchasing it because it is associated with Buddhism.

ChristianRHe Finally Does It In my graphic novel I wrote about a guy who tried to get the girl. The basic story is that the guy keeps wanting to ask the girl out but gets nervous or discouraged, but in the end he asks the girl out and she says yes. I found it difficult to summarize my graphic novel into one climactic scene. There were many scenes leading up to the scene I chose, and they were also very interesting.

The specific scene I chose to illustrate was a scene where my character decides that he is finally going to ask the girl out, and he starts to run after her. Although I had used Illustrator a few times before, this project was a cool new experience . It was hard to use linear perspective because every line had to be leading to one point. Also there were times when the color would not look right. I had to experiment with different colors to find the best one.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Portraits/images/ChristianR.jpgUntitled No Artist Statement /galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Illustrations/images/ChristianR.jpg/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Websites/images/ChristianR.jpg"/~ChristianR/project2/pages/home.htmlwChristianRodriguez

ConnorFUntitled No Artist Statement /galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Portraits/images/ConnorF.jpgA Walk in the Park My story is about a boy and his ambition to make a change in the world around him. In this illustration, the little boy, is making a stand to defend a park that was to be leveled to make room for a shopping mall. Through his movement, he confronts the mayor and compromises to secure the safety of this park. Finally he is rewarded with the satisfaction of preserving the environment, as well as, his favorite park.

This scene is showing the very conclusion of my story. It is what this little boy had been tirelessly been fighting for. After all his hard work, he is given the opportunity to step back and witness everybody admiring a little bit of nature in a world engulfed in technology and modern civilization. This scene is meant to show the joy that one gets when they complete something they have worked hard on.

ConnorLFundamentally Broken This is my character, Richie. Richie is a star athlete whose season has been cut short with a humbling injury. This picture shows a period in time shortly after his injury where he is taking a rest from walking while he is geared out in his team clothes. Since his injury, he has been very somber, which is a drastic change from his enigmatic non-injured personality.

The props I used for this portrait were the football jersey and hat, the leg brace, and the cane that he holds. These props are used to give the character some backstory, setting up his athletic origins, as well as his injury. I tried a few different angles, but I chose to have my final angle be head-on so that I could fit his whole body in frame proportionally. Also, with his face looking away from the shot, gives the viewer gets a little more insight on the character's personality because it shows how he feels ashamed of his injury, and how he is embarrassed by it. The biggest problem in my photo shoot was that the lights had stopped working ¾ of the way into my shoot, so I wasn't able to have as wide a selection of shots that I could have picked from for my final product. Despite that, I think that my final selection is the best shot that I could have made for this character, and the emotion of the portrait that I was trying to convey.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Portraits/images/ConnorL.jpgBreak a Leg My story begins in a outside basketball court in a park. While everyone around is playing on the court, one person, with a brace on their leg, is watching off on the sidelines. Looking very depressed and frustrated, he becomes fed up with his exclusion from the game, and he rises to take the ball away from one of the players. They all look worried, because they know about the severity of his injury, and they know that if he attempts what they assume he is trying to do, his injury will only worsen. He ignores their words of discouragement, and he charges on ahead, sprinting to the basket as each step worsens the condition of his leg. In the end, he manages to score the lay-up, and ruin his leg, but he is finally enjoying himself.

The illustration is the first part of the climax. As the character is staring at the hoop, he is at the point where he can either proceed to the hoop, or step down and give the ball back. As he looks on, his friends are shouting in the background, trying to veer him away from his self-destructive course. But he ignores them, and finally focuses his sights on his goal, the basket. I traced the back of a head, and separately penned each of his body parts. I traced a picture for the hoop, and penned my own court. The background park and the chain link fence I made from scratch.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Illustrations/images/ConnorL.jpg/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Websites/images/ConnorL.jpg"/~ConnorL/project2/pages/home.html13tfecHjIOQFor the Love of the GamefConnorLeak

ConnorVUntitled No Artist Statement /galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Portraits/images/ConnorV.jpgThe Doors My comic is about a girl walking into and out of an elevator. The elevator represents her comatose state, and it is a passage to other states of mind. In this dream sequence, her fate is revealed.

The scene that I chose to illustrate is her walking into the elevator one last time. This is her final passage after her body has died.

DasomCContemplation Ethan, a conflicted son of a successful businessman is always being compared to his perfect older brother. He struggles to please his parents and has a hard time finding joy in anything. He then meets a lovely girl that helps him work through his problems, and they fall for each other. They find happiness together and Ethan finally feels the joy of life; his parents oppose this relationship because of the different social class, and set up a partner for him that they believe fits their description of a suitable wife. In my Narrative piece, I've captured the moment of contemplation. Ethan holds the engagement ring, pondering whether or not he should abide by the rules of his family and finally get acceptance from his father, or to betray his family to be with the woman he loves. It is a dreary moment for Ethan; he knows this single decision would determine his future, his relationship with his family members, his wife, his financial situation, as well as every other aspect of his life.

I captured this shot with a particular mood in mind. I used a moderately strong main light with a much softer fill light and back light. This was to emphasize the facial expression of the character and really portray what the character was going through. I used a grey background, in which the neutral color offsets the black suit that Ethan is wearing. The ring represents the source of the character's dilemma, and his hand in his pocket shows the character's reluctance to make the decision. His curly hair is a symbol of his extravagant family background, a wealthy and prim family with not much personal freedom. The photo is taken from slightly above the character looking down, as if we are looking down at the ring, pausing to contemplate the issue together along with the character. There weren't many issues I faced during this particular project, but I wasn't sure if I wanted a white or black dress shirt for the character, either to emphasize the primness of his family, or the dark mood of the situation, respectively. I ended up deciding of the black shirt to emphasize the kind of emotions the character was going through.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Portraits/images/DasomC.jpgUncertainty Ethan is the youngest of two sons in a strict household. He is constantly compared to his successful brother and faces a constant struggle to balance his personal happiness with his parents' expectations. When he meets a girl that does not fit his parents' standards, his parents decide to fix the situation by introducing to him a girl that they approve of. Ethan is angered by his parents' actions and leaves the house, but he is unsure of himself and wonders what the right thing to do would be. In this scene, Ethan is leaving the house after rejecting the girl his parents have set him up with. This angers Ethan's parents and hurts the girl, but Ethan decides that leaving is the only thing he can do in that moment. He looks back at the house one last time before leaving, feeling unsure of his decision and facing an ever increasing internal struggle.

I used Illustrator to create this piece, mainly using the pen tool and different shapes. For the color scheme, I used a light brown as my base color for the home. I used tints, tones, and shades of the brown to give the building some more depth and color, and added pink curtains as well. The pink is a derivative of the brown color, and I used beige to brighten up the building. I used blue for the secondary color, using different variations of blue as well as its tints, tones, and shades for my protagonist's clothing, the fountain, and the door of the house, as well as a dark navy for the sky to represent the approaching nighttime. My accent color was yellow, to add lights the house since the scene takes place after sunset. The linear perspective in the Illustration is evident in the home; it utilizes two point perspective as well as a plain background to really focus the attention to the setting and the character.

DavidNLife of Da'Brickashaw My character is a man named Da'Brickashaw Woods who is an average dapper lad that has something missing deep inside his soul. That something is a little thing called love. In this professional photograph I captured the domesticated side of a futuristic star crossed lover who was blinded by the influences around him. This photo shows the hard shell of Da'Brickashaw on the outside which has deceived others and himself from his inner beauty of emotions. Da'Brickashaw is like an onion, he has layers of emotions like everyone else but to move further he has to start peeling if he wants change.

My shot was unique and original because of how I took it head on with almost no angle at all. I accomplished this in order to draw attention to the emotions in his face and to what he was wearing. I chose my character to wear a suit to show how he was a classy well respected man that was a little full of himself. In the end this photo was no small task. I worked long and hard with a broken light tethering system which lead to a very dim shot. Although, somehow I managed to scrounge up a ruble out of the dust In an Adobe photo editing system called Photoshop. Using Photoshop I worked out all of the kinks and edited my art to its full potential.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Portraits/images/DavidN.jpgTwisted Love My comic tells a story of a dapper lad named Da'Brickashaw Woods who falls head over heals in love with his neighbor, Emily Redington. Emily is blinded by the harsh influences of society until one day everything changed. It started of as a normal and like no other day in the city of Brickville, Kansas when out of the blue came a roaring earthquake that shook the life out of the city. During the abrupt earthquake, Da'Brickashaw saves Emily from a falling piece of wreckage of the earthquake. This sparks a never ending love between the two star crossed lovers.

This scene takes place before the Earthquake happens when Da'Brickashaw has feelings for Emily but he doesn't know how to express them towards her. He tries and tries but Emily remains unfazed despite his best efforts. Emily remains this way due to her ignorance to the good things in life. This scene shows that love can truly be found in even the most unexpected places.

DevonBCharacter Portrait My character is a businessman who spends all his time on work. He lives alone in an apartment and is not very close with his family. He is a lonely man and because of that he consumes himself with his work. He has a stressful, high level job and therefore can have a short temper. In this photograph my character sits looking at one of his tables covered in papers and receipts. He has a cup of coffee, as always, sitting on his desk. He is frustrated in the current moment of the photograph. Even when not at work my character wears business casual attire.

The first thing I did to capture this shot was set up everything I needed, for example arranging my props so they would look how I wanted. One thing I wanted was for the table to look cluttered. Each prop I chose represents something, for example the papers represent my characters constant work. The reason they are all a mess is to show that he is so busy he barely has time to organize. The coffee cup shows that he works a lot, often late into the night and early in the morning so he needs coffee to stay awake. The phone shows my character's absent social life outside of work, there is nothing on the screen because he does not have many friends. One problem I encountered was figuring out the lighting. I had some trouble partially because the lights were not working, but also trying to figure out what angles to have the lights at to set the mood for my shot. I fixed this problem by experimenting with different shots. Another problem I had was figuring out what my character should be wearing to give the right feel to my shot. I fixed this by dressing them in business casual wear. After selecting which shot I was going to use, I took it into Photoshop where I cropped it and applied a vignette.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Portraits/images/DevonB.jpgNarrative Illustration My story is about a businessman who spends all his time working. He is very lonely. One day he gets a letter in the mail that is for the apartment down the hall, since he is busy he tosses it aside. The next day the same thing happens and he puts ''Return to sender'' on the letter and sends it back. The next day he gets multiple letters for the apartment down the hall, so he marches down to the apartment, knocks angrily on the door, and when the person inside opens the door, falls in love. The person in the apartment is his one true love.

In the scene I chose to illustrate the businessman has knocked on the door, and the lady inside has opened it. They are standing, staring into each others eyes. The anger inside the businessman is subsiding, and they are falling in love. The businessman forgets about why he went to the other apartment originally and drops the letter. I used linear perspective and shadows to make my scene look more realistic. I created this panel in Adobe Illustrator.

DrewGLost Bailey is a 41 year old women living alone who has gotten fed up with her lonely life. She is trying very hard to meet new people and make human contact, however she continues to fail. Although she goes to the park, goes on walks, and waves to strangers, she is still unsuccessful at obtaining a relationship because of her displacement in society that her lonely life has imposed on her. In the photograph, I captured Bailey thinking about her awful life and how close she is to giving up. The photograph expresses her emotions through her facial expressions, the photograph color, and her head placement.

Unfortunately, I captured the shot without tethering the photo because of some technical difficulties. I used three point lighting to establish a clear focal point without emphasizing on the background. I also applied the rule of thirds for good visual tension. I had my character wear minimal makeup illustrate her age. Over the course of the photoshoot I encountered a few problems that got in the way of my final product, however I did my best to overcome these obstacles and reach my full potential. I had to shoot with extra light and adjust many of the settings on the camera because the tethering was not working. Therefore, once I completed shooting, I used Photoshop to fix that problem. I added curves, cropped the photo, applied the spot healing brush, and created a vignette to compose the final product.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Portraits/images/DrewG.jpgLost and Found The main character, Bailey, has been living alone her whole life. She has recently been fed up with her depressing life and is trying very hard to improve it. Although she is going on walks, making trips to the park, talking to strangers, and becoming more friendly, she is still unsuccessful at forming genuine relationships.

My illustration shows Bailey attempting to start a conversation with a complete stranger at the park. She sees a man on the bench alone, and decides to sit next to him, hoping to befriend him. Creeped out, he ends up walking away. She fails at making friends once again, due to her displacement in society that her loneliness has imposed on her. Throughout my illustration I used linear perspective to set the scene properly and give my comic a more detailed and realistic look.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Illustrations/images/DrewG.jpg/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Websites/images/DrewG.jpg"/~DrewG/project2/pages/home.htmlyI5T2Z-8yLQLost and FoundfDrewGarvey

EdgarSFate is in your Hands My Narrative portrait conveys the point of my story's main character, that his fate is in his hands. This is represented by the dice in his hands in the portrait. Behind him lurks and agent of the FBE, out to catch anyone who may appear different than the rest. I wanted the light to mainly focus on the protagonist, but at the same time cast shadows on the antagonist to really reveal that lurking nature of the antagonists in the story. The brightest part in the piece is focused on the dice, to further symbolize how the protagonist's fate rests in his hands.

I used 3 point lighting to help show the true nature of what I was trying to capture in my photo. The light conveys a much larger meaning than actions or poses from a character can. The backlight was used in a way to get much more light on my protagonist, rather than my antagonist. This was done to portray the evil nature of the antagonist. The protagonist claims the majority of the light, giving him a very ‘hero looking' pose.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Portraits/images/EdgarS.jpgUntitled No Artist Statement

I used 3 point lighting to help show the true nature of what I was trying to capture in my photo. The light conveys a much larger meaning than actions or poses from a character can. The backlight was used in a way to get much more light on my protagonist, rather than my antagonist. This was done to portray the evil nature of the antagonist. The protagonist claims the majority of the light, giving him a very ‘hero looking' pose.

EmilyACharacter Portrait Artist Statement My character is Allie Marshall (birth name Aidan) and she is a transgender teen who is coming out to her parents. She is afraid of her parent's reactions to her being a female, but decides to tell them anyway. In my photograph, I have Allie with a long wig, portraying that she wants to be a girl. She also has makeup on, thus emphasizing her desires to be a female.

I captured the shot with soft lighting and a black background to really bring out the colors in the wig, showing what Allie wants to be. The props I used was a wig, beanie and flannel. The oversized flannel my model has on is portraying how Allie is uncomfortable in the body she was given, and the wig is showing how she wants to be a girl, not a boy like she biologically is. The beanie was just to hold the model's hair up, but it worked out very well and goes with Allie's style. I had some problems with the lighting, but eventually was able to get what I needed for the perfect shot.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Portraits/images/EmilyA.jpgColoring Outside the Lines For my comic, my story involves a transgender girl Allie, coming out to her parents. She confides in her friend and goes with her to get feminine clothing, makeup, etc. to make her look more of her desired gender. They end up going back to Allie's house and Allie tells her parents that she is transgender. Her parents are shocked, but accept her as she is.

My scene that I illustrated is the pivotal point in the story, where Allie walks into the room her parents are in, with her makeup on, a dress, and a long wig. The expression on her parents' faces is shock and utter surprise. I chose to illustrate this part in my story because it has the most meaning and really captures the story within one shot.

EmmaPFlash My character is Jill Stewart. Jill is a girl with a fiery passion and attitude that goes along with her fiery red hair. Her story is that she comes from a very strict family, whose parents are both doctors, who want her to follow in their footsteps. Jill sneaks out at night to go to her secret escape (an abandoned warehouse) to follow her dreams of becoming a photographer (which her parents disapprove of). The time that I captured in this photo was her sitting on her bed, right before she sneaks out. She is wishing she could pursue her dreams of becoming a photographer, this is depicted by her staring at her camera.

I captured my shot in the Freestyle photo studio. I used three point lighting to created the shadows and effects I wanted in the photograph. The props I used were a camera, a blue sweatshirt, a pair of white shoes, a bed sheet, and a pillow. I used the blue sweatshirt and shoes because these things are what I envisioned my character to be wearing. I used bed sheets and pillows to depict that she is in her room before she sneaks out. I chose to have her holding a camera to represent her passion for photography. The camera angle I chose was from slightly above so that the viewer could see my character and all the props in the photo. I did not use any makeup because I wanted her to have a natural look. One of the main problems I encountered was the lighting. The lighting was not strong enough initially, so my model appear clearly when I took the picture. I got around this problem by turning up the intensity of the lights.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Portraits/images/EmmaP.jpgLost Passion My comic describes a girl (Jill) and her passion for photography, and the lengths that she goes to to accomplish her goals. Jill comes from a strict family full of doctors who do not support her dreams of becoming a photographer. Jill sits on her bed waiting for the right moment to sneak out to the abandoned warehouse. One night Jill sneaks out to her own hidden paradise. This paradise is an abandoned warehouse where she meets up with all of her friends and they pursue their dreams (whether it is taking photos, playing drums, singing, or hooping). Once she is done taking photos, she walks back to her house, only to find her parents have caught her. They make her give them the camera in exchange for books. They do this to enforce the idea that becoming a doctor, like them, is more important than her following her passion.

In design we were asked to illustrate a scene from our comic using Adobe Illustrator. The scene I chose to illustrate was Jill sitting on her bed looking out her window right after she had been caught by her parents. This is the final scene from my comic. I chose this scene because I thought I could provokemany emotions from it, without a lot of detail. In this scene I used linear perspective. Linear perspective is a type of perspective used by artists in which the relative size, shape, and position of objects are determined by drawn or imagined lines converging at a point on the horizon. The colors I chose to use were faded browns and greys. I chose this because the lightness of the colors shows it is daybreak. I also used many shadows to show the light shining in the room.

EvaKArthur Labrains My character is teenage zombie named Arthur Labrains, a shy and reserved high school outcast who carries a thesaurus to help him communicate with others. Arthur is disliked by his peers because they cannot accept his differences and is thus unable to make friends. Eventually Arthur meets Abby, who is able to look past his physical attributes and see him for who he really is, a compassionate young man. The moment I have captured in my photo is a close up of Arthur holding his thesaurus and staring intimidatingly at one of his peers. I wanted Arthur to look a bit menacing because I wanted my photo to capture the point of view of people who cannot look past Arthur's appearance.

My final shot is of Arthur staring directly into the camera to instill an intimidated feeling in whoever views this piece. To make my character look bigger and more menacing I shot from a slightly lower angle and positioned my character close to the lens so he would tower over the camera, creating a towering effect. Also, to make him look like a zombie I put white make-up all over my model's face, which I desaturated later to make his skin look dead. Using the studio for the first time was a bit frightening, but after the first couple of shots I felt confident using the equipment. However, the lights were difficult to figure out because at points during the shoot they wouldn't go off and my photos would turn out dark. I figured out this was because the bulbs in the lights were dying so to cope with the issue I waited for longer time intervals before I took each photo so the bulbs would flash.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Portraits/images/EvaK.jpgLonely Boy My comic panels are from my story about a young zombie named Arthur Labrains who is tormented by his classmates because he is different. Arthur craves companionship and quickly falls in love with Tiffany, the most popular girl in school. One day Arthur asks Tiffany to go to Winter Ball with him and gets rejected and called a freak by the popular kids. Arthur runs to the library devastated that no one will accept his differences. However, a shy girl named Abby follows Arthur into the library and places a note in his hand. Arthur unravels the paper which says ''I'm a freak too'' and Abby and him become great friends.

I chose to illustrate Arthur in his element, hiding in the library. In my illustration I show Arthur alone in a library aisle that I drew using perspective drawing. On the bookshelves Arthur is hiding behind, I overlapped the books to give a dimensional feel to the piece. I found it very difficult to overlap the books because I wanted to create variety but also not take too much time drawing every single book.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Illustrations/images/EvaK.jpg/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Websites/images/EvaK.jpg"/~EvaK/project2/pages/home.htmlIrqFSniOcrIThe Tale of a Lonely Zombie ...fEvaKoujikov

FelixNBored My character goes by the name of Aage Møller, he has recently immigrated to the United States from the Faroe Islands. He has made no friends since his arrival and has a rather boring job sorting papers at a law firm. This is the moment I have captured. Sitting at a desk in a conference room with no one around just sorting and marking papers, a painfully boring experience.

The shot was rather simple to capture as it's a pretty typical profile portrait. The shot was taken from slightly above the subject to try to confine him in the frame. The props are a whole bunch of papers taken out of a manual and some basic desk supplies and toys. The most difficult part of capturing the shot was getting the depth of field I desired which required using a decently long telephoto lens (100mm). At the same time, attempting to get the exposure to be how I wanted it turned out to be rather challenging as the camera used had a lower dynamic range than I was used to. The fix to this was just a little bit of fiddling with the flash brightness and exposure.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Portraits/images/FelixN.jpgDiscovery My story is that of Aage Møller, a young adult who recently immigrated to the United States. The story takes place in the early 1990s. Aage lives a rather uninteresting life sorting through papers at a law firm for a living however, in the 1990s came the advent of the internet which was to many, Aage included, a mind blowing new technology. This new discovery of information about the world leads Aage to lead his own personal self improvement campaign.

The scene I illustrated depicts Aage first using the internet in conjunction with the world wide web in a public library. I used linear perspective to illustrate depth in the scene as well as having the bezel of the computer screen be conjoined with the border of the frame to show the internet expanding out into infinity. I tried to pick brighter colors to show visually show the excitement in the scene.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Illustrations/images/FelixN.jpg/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Websites/images/FelixN.jpg"/~FelixN/project2/pages/home.html1sCw6amUWekDraw Their SoulsfFelixNordmark

HarrisonMKevin the Crab My character's name is Kevin. He is a crab who is very insecure and afraid of everything. In a series of unfortunate events, Kevin loses the only thing that gives him security and peace of mind, his rock. Kevin's greatest fear is the vast ocean, and as he sees his rock get taken by it, he feels helpless. My story is about the events of Kevin losing his rock, and his journey in finding a new one. During his journey, he learns how to deal with his fears and how to overcome them. In my photograph I captured the moment when Kevin had to let go of his rock before it got swept out into the ocean. That moment was pivotal in my story because it shows Kevin's insecurities.

The shot was not taken at an angle, but instead straight on. I had my model, conveniently named Kevin, to look down and act submissive. I told him to point his chest at the left camera, so his chest would not be facing the camera head on. This made it appear that he was shying away from the camera. The props I brought were my red hoodie and rock. I wanted Kevin to wear a hoodie as it would put more emphasis on his cowardly behavior. He held the rock gently, with signifies how much he cares for his rock. The most challenging part about this project was figuring out how to set up the photoshoot, and how to properly get the right lighting. I took several photos before my real shot just to see what the lighting looked like. More than half of my shots were experimental, just to see what they would look like.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Portraits/images/HarrisonM.jpgHarrisonM_Illustration_AS My story revolves around a crab, who is named Kevin, who needs to overcome his fears in order to find a new home. In the beginning of my story, Kevin loses his home to a giant wave, and he sets out on an adventure to find a new home. However he is very insecure, and it only amplifies when he is faced with danger. After a group of kids almost run over Kevin, he runs away. After awhile of fleeing, he looks up and finds a place where he could make it his home. However a group of seagulls appear and drive him into the ocean. Kevin is then washed up a mile down the beach, and to his delight, finds his new home.

In my illustration I chose to depict the part in my story where Kevin sees the seagulls. I chose to do this scene because it was a very open scene, meaning I could illustrate more of the beach and ocean. It was also the climax of my story, because Kevin was in danger of being eaten by the hungry seagulls. Kevin had a choice, either try to run past the seagulls to shelter behind them, or get swept away by the tide. Both of which he feared.

IsabelGUntitled The character from my graphic novel was the mother character, which is the protagonist. Outwards she is a very stern lady, but still loves her daughter very much. The character may have trouble conveying that, but through the actions of the mother, she is later able to figure out how to show her feelings. The usage of the ribbon in my photo shoot is to symbolize the daughter, in my story the ribbon is confiscated because the girl is defyant of her mother. What I choose to do in my photo shoot is to have the sternness of the mother come across, but also the factors for the mothers decisions in the story is important. She is symbolized by the ribbon, where her daughter is present. The box and ribbon symbolize the bird, which is the reason the ribbon is confiscated.

In my photo shoot, I experimented with several poses at different angles. Most consisted of her holding at least the ribbon. In some she has a softer expression, and holds the ribbon against her face, some she has a stern expression and others she is looking at the objects. I also experimented placing the camera at closer angle to the actor, but the picture is from the waist up. I also chose all objects to show all the conflicts of the story. There is minimal make up on my actor, I just added some browness under her eyes so that she had dark circles under her eyes. I had trouble finding a dress for my character. I wanted something fairly similar to the dress that I drew my character wearing, a dark dress which buttoned down. I found something close to what I wanted my character to wear at the Goodwill.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Portraits/images/IsabelG.jpgUntitled In my comic I illustrated the scene where the bird flies away out of my girl characters hands. In this panel, I put a twist on my original story. In my graphic novel my main character was the mother of the girl shown in my illustration. In this story, I made the little girl the protagonist. She finds the bird injured and cares for it so it will be well again. Her mother does not catch her caring for the bird, like how it is in my graphic novel. The girl runs over and picks up the bird. The bird tries to fly away, but does not succeed. The girl helps lift the bird up and the bird is able to fly. She watches as the bird flies away into the sunset.

In my scene I illustrated the bird flew out of the girls hands. The girl has her hands outstretched under the bird because she had just lifted up the bird. She is watching the bird. Below is a tree that the bird had initially fallen out of. The illustration is drawn at a birds eye view, to show the world from the birds point of view. The bird flies away as the girl says her final farewell.

IsabelOThe Story of an Artist My character is a young ''starving'' artist, meaning someone who sacrifices material luxuries to pursue art. Art is one of my character's passions. Making art brings her contentment and freedom in the form of expression. Painting in particular, takes her away and creates an escape from the high pressures of society. She internally struggles to live peacefully in a world full of societal norms, and uses art as an outlet to express her discontent and anger towards rigid philosophies and expected behavior. I tried to capture the happiness and freedom art brings to her in this photograph, by shooting her in an relaxed and natural setting.

When photographing my model, I originally struggled with adjusting the lights in the studio to take a well-composed, and balanced photo. This was difficult at first, as some lights were too bright, and created a shadow across the image. After readjusting the studio lights multiple times, and finding out which lights were needed to create good contrast, I was able to take more artistic photos. Since the mood I was trying to capture was relaxed, the camera angle was simple and direct. I ended up laying on the ground to take this particular photo. Props were also one of the main aspects of my photograph, as they were needed to help tell and support the story. I dressed my character in a painter's shirt. It is an art garb that was splattered with colors and stains acquired throughout her artistic career. I thought this was an important prop to express my character's artistic personality. Along with this, I decided to incorporate a painting. When placed behind her, as well as equipping her with a palette and a brush, it allows my message to be conveyed more clearly. All of my props were simple and subtle, but helped me communicate her story and character.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Portraits/images/IsabelO.jpgPainting into Grey My comic tells the story of an artist, James, who tries to pursue his passion, art, but struggles to be successful and is forced to follow a different path. My character is not able to sustain himself financially by being an artist and finds himself in deep debt. In addition, his parents do not approve of his choice in job, and consistently remind him of that. His bank continues to notify him of his deep debt yet he is so overwhelmed with all these notifications and consumed with his art that he chooses to ignore them. One day, James comes home to his apartment and finds that he has been evicted from his home because of his huge amount of debt. In deep despair and panic, James is forced to call his father for the first time in months, explaining what happened and asking for help. His father, furious, reluctantly offers James an opportunity to interview for an accounting job at his workplace, in an attempt to rescue his son. James forces himself to attend the interview as his only option, and finds himself being offered the job. Reminded of his debt and his embarrassment with his father, James feels he is left with no other choice but to conform and choose the job that will help him survive financially. The story ends with his first day at his accounting job, facing the business world that horrifies him, and looking ahead to a meaningless, dull future without art.

The scene I chose to illustrate is the final scene in my character's story. It is an illustration of James's first day at work, as he is stepping into the business world. I chose to place him on the edge of the skyline of a city full of skyscrapers where James is a small figure against this backdrop. This expresses how isolated and insignificant he feels when confronted with the unfamiliar business world, which for him holds no interest or excitement. It illustrates James's struggle to conform with expectations, at odds with his passion for art. He is forced to choose money over passion.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Illustrations/images/IsabelO.jpg/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Websites/images/IsabelO.jpg"/~IsabelO/project2/pages/home.htmlKupC7A4Nz-gA Realistic StorywIsabelOwen

JackTJohn Miller John Miller is a middle age man, who has dark brown eyes, dark brown hair and is average height. John lived in a bad neighborhood where there was a lot of gang violence and crime. John wanted a better life for himself and his mother and in high school he threw himself into his school work. John fought through adversity to become one of the richest and most successful men in the world. After finishing college John went to graduate school to get a degree in business. After finishing grad school John and a couple friends set up a business that slowly became one of the most dominant tech companies in the industry. After becoming a multimillionaire in his early twenties, John sold his stocks in the company he helped build and created his own company. As well as wanting to create his own company, John discovered that part of his paycheck and stocks were being stolen by one of his friends in the company. After a couple of years his business became even better than the company that he helped set up with his friends and after dominating the tech market it forced his friends' business to go bankrupt. This event caused his friends to become his enemies. I have captured the moment in which he is being interviewed and photographed by the Times magazine about the success of his company.

The camera angle I used to create my final Portrait image was from a mid body angle, in which you only see half of his leg to his head. The props I used during my Portrait assignment included a phone, a chair blue chair which I covered with a black cloth and a blue suit. For this assignment we had the option to use makeup, I did not use any because my character wants to be portrayed as a down to earth kind of person and not the intimidating business man he is said to be. A problem I had was that some of the lights weren't working which made it hard to achieve the effect that I wanted. I solved this problem by doing the best I could do in the studio and then fix it in Photoshop after I finished shooting.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Portraits/images/JackT.jpgThe snail and the mole In my comic, my main a snail decides that he wants to something to eat. The first obstacle that my main character has to overcome is climbing up a rock. After struggling up the mountain (small rock) my main character becomes tired but he decides to carry on his journey in order get something to eat. After moving along for a while, my main character notices mole holes. A while later my main character hears the flapping of wings getting closer and closer behind him until a big black crow swoops down in front of him and forces him to stop. After a couple of seconds later a mole pops and scares the crow away. After the the crow is scared away by the mole my main character is confronted by a mole. The mole then suddenly grabs the snail and takes him underground. After a few seconds later, the snail and the mole emerge again. The mole then sets down the snail and disappears back into the ground. After a minute or two, my main character realizes that he is in the place where all the food is and he smiles in relief. The story that I tell in my comic is when the snail tries to overcome obstacles in order to get what he wants.

In the scene that I illustrated I show my main character realizing that the mole may eat him and him screaming in fear. I also have the crow flying away in the background, which in my story is scared away by the sudden presents of the mole. The background I created is also the as it is for my Animation that you can see on website. In my illustration I also added linear perspective by making the mole much bigger than the bird flying away and of course the snail to show the snails perspective.

JessicaMNarrative Character Portrait My character is Dylan Hale and he wants to become a professional boxer. Dylan struggles in getting his mother to accept his dream. He decides that if he is ever going to accomplish what he wants in life, he is going to have to do it behind his mothers back. The moment I decided to capture in this photograph, is when Dylan is practicing for a big boxing match.

I wanted the shot to be dark, so I decided to use a black background. I also told my model to put on his hood so half of his face is darker than the other and put some water on his face to make it seem as though he had been practicing for a while. When I was shooting, it was hard to position my model correctly to get what I wanted out of the photo. I decided to make my model look right into the camera to make the viewer see the determination in his eyes.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Portraits/images/JessicaM.jpgNarrative Comic My comic is about a man named Dylan who wants to become a professional boxer. He has been training for a long time now and finally gets to be in a big fight. He is up against one of the best in the world but he believes he can beat him. In the first half of the match he is losing terribly and starts to lose faith in himself and starts to doubt that he will win. But then Dylan gets advice from his friend and powers through, gains confidence and knocks out his opponents in one blow. After that he take the lead and wins the match.

The scene I chose to illustrate is when he is knocking out his opponent. I chose this because I thought it would be really fun to illustrate. I also chose it because I thought it was the most important scene in the story when he finally takes the lead over his opponent. In my scene I put a POW! to show the impact of his glove to the other fighters face. In my illustration I decided to put the match in a gym so i made it look like it was in a room.

KarenQBehind The Story of The Baby Bird. My character is a baby bird named Free because she wants explore what is out there and would do anything to see the world beyond her nest. In order to better show Free's human emotion in my Character Portrait, I portrayed her as a person rather than as an actual bird. Free wants to fly from the nest, but mommy bird stops her from flying because she doesn't really know how to fly yet. In this photograph I used accessories such as a teddy bear to show Free's cute and innocent side. The blue shoe lace represent free's feathers and brown shirt represents the colors of the nest, eagle, and tree. This photograph captured the hidden side of the story, showing what Free really feels about not being able to fly: sad, alone, and depressed.

In order to get a good shot you need to take a lot of pictures and move on different angles to get that ''special gem,'' as Ms. Parkinson says, because you never know what your special gem might be. That is the fun of Photography! It is also how I captured my shot: finding my angle and waiting for that right moment by taking a lot of pictures. I took this shot in the studio, using 2 strobe lights, a background light, and a cream back drop. The camera is on it highest point and the angle is facing down. The camera is not on it's center but on the side. My greatest problem was with the flashes not being sync with the camera. To solve this issue, I had to count the same time when I clicked the camera button and the flash remote. I also didn't want to take pictures that were so dark that you couldn't really see my model. Overcoming this problem is very hard because I had to use the fitter raw on the computer. That the camera is not really made for that fitter. I hadn't learned how to solve this problem until now. In the end, my final photo turned out to be great. Thank you.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Portraits/images/KarenQ.jpgUntitled No Artist Statement /galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Illustrations/images/KarenQ.jpg/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Websites/images/KarenQ.jpg"/~KarenQ/project2/pages/home.htmlwKarenQuero

KarnaCNarrative Character Portrait My character's name is James Palmer. He is a young stockbroker who works at a Wall Street investment firm. James' boss doesn't respect him because of his age and therefore refuses to authorize any decisions that James tries to make. James grows tired of being denied the ability to make decisions, so he takes a risk and signs off on a document without his boss's permission. Although his boss finds out, and initially threatens to have him fired, he proves his aptitude by closing a deal which is worth a record sum of money and wins his boss's respect. The moment that I have captured in my photograph is the time when James leaves his boss's office after being denied permission to make an executive decision yet another time.

I captured the shot by using the camera in the Freestyle photography studio. I positioned the camera so that I could capture most of my character's body, doing this allowed me to photograph his body language fully. In order to portray that my character was a businessman, I had him wear formal clothing, but in order to show that he was hard at work, I had him loosen his tie and untuck his shirt. I also had him carry his coat with him so that it looked like he was leaving his boss's office. The combination of his facial expression and his outfit are meant to get the viewer to feel as if he had been working hard, but ultimately failed at what he had been working towards. After the photoshoot, I put the photograph into Adobe Photoshop to add a cooling filter and a vignette. I did this to intensify the feeling of sorrow that that is being portrayed to the viewer.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Portraits/images/KarnaC.jpgNarrative Illustration My comic is about a young stockbroker named James Palmer who works at a brokerage firm on Wall Street. Although he is young, he feels like he is able enough to make big decisions on his own, but his boss requires that he gets a signature before he submits any major motions for action. James grows tired of his inability to make decisions and decides to disobey his boss and sign off on a proposed trade himself. His boss finds about about his disobedience and threatens to fire him, but just before James is fired, the boss receives word that James' actions led to a firm record amount of revenue for the company. James is promptly promoted and receives the respect he feels like he deserves.

In this scene, James' boss is yelling at him for disobeying his directions to get his signature. James' boss confronts James in his office about how his actions were inappropriate and how he had disobeyed orders. James is surprised that his boss found out what he did and is also in anguish over what the consequences of his actions could be.

KatherineDCraig The character in my portrait is the character, Craig from my narrative story. Craig lives very boring life and has a mean boss. He lives in fear and goes through his life reliving a boring routine every day working at a regular desk job. However, Craig has a secret life as a performer on a train. Every night, he boards a train that both literally and metaphorically takes him away from his everyday life. This second side of him gives him an opportunity to live as a wild and interesting performer instead of a boring office worker. In my portrait, I chose to represent Craig as he leaves his dull life behind and embraces his creative side as a performer. In this moment that I capture, Craig has thrown his business suit across a chair in the background and he has transformed into a juggler.

A lot of thought went into the technical aspect of this portrait. I decided to use only two lights: one to shine on the subject, and the backlight to light up the background and to give the subject depth. I decided to do this because I wanted very harsh and severe shadows across my subject's face to show his inner conflict between his everyday life and his life as a performer. I decided to go against the rules of thirds and place my subject in the center of the frame for two reasons. First, I wanted the focus to be completely on the subject to show that his life is split into two equal halves: day and night, office and train. Secondly, I wanted to represent both sides of Craig's life equally on either side of him. I did this by centering Craig in the frame and placing the chair with the suit on one side of him. I left the other side free of props because I wanted to give a feeling that Craig's train life is unknown and personal.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Portraits/images/KatherineD.jpgMisfit Comic My story is about a man named Craig who leads a boring life, but finds his escape on a train of misfit performers. Craig's secret life splits him into two completely different people with polar opposite personalities. Throughout his life, Craig has succeeded in keeping his two lives separate. By some, he is seen as a small, meek office worker with very little job security. By others, he is seen as a talented and respected leader. During my story, Craig's two worlds collide. This disrupts his system and forces his two lives to meld into one. The story ends in a moment that has the potential to make or break his career. Craig brings his two lives together and faces his fears, ending his double life, but retaining his ability to perform and keep a structured lifestyle.

For my comic, I've decided to capture the moment before Craig boards the train of misfits. I believe this to be the most powerful and metaphoric part of my film because it symbolizes the gray zone in between Craig's double life. While on the platform, about to board the train, Craig literally and metaphorically stands in the middle of his two lives. Since his life as a train performer exists only on the train and his life as an office worker exists only in the office, the train platform is the middle ground that effectively shows the split between Craig's two lives. In my panel, I show Craig on the platform. The Train of Misfits approaches on one side of the platform and buildings tower above him on the other side. I used dull colors for the platform so that the platform itself doesn't evoke any emotion. The buildings were dark grey to show a feeling of sadness and menace. The train is a dull gray, but the performers that we can see through the window are very colorful. This draws the viewer's eye to the performers and further shows that performing is what brings Craig happiness and provides him with an escape from his dull everyday life.

KayliBNarrative Character Portrait My character in the story is a mischievous boy named Peter. He has a passion for music that he uses to express himself and relax himself. He gets in trouble in school for drumming on desks.

I captured that shot using the lighting to brighten my character and had them make expressions of happiness and bliss, completely concentrated on the thing they love ; drumming. I chose the color of red as the background because red is a color that symbolizes passion, and expressiveness. I positioned my character to be looking both off into his happiness and into him drumsticks, I had him sitting as to look comfortable, and positioned slightly to the side to let the light hit him at a better angle. I had problems in finding which positions looked most comfortable and way to hold the drumsticks, we tried flipping them in the air but it ended up disappearing in the photos. The drumsticks and some headphones were the only props I had used. I used Photoshop to put a vignette on the photo and used curves, and brightness and contrast to adjust the shadows and colors, making them a bit brighter.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Portraits/images/KayliB.jpgDetention My story tells of a young troublemaker who gets sent to detention and discovers a raw passion for music and expression while sitting in the boring classroom. The protagonist also doesn't want to get in additional trouble for his newfound passion and tries to hide it from the teacher in the room, who he later discovers is completely supportive of it and hands the protagonist drumsticks to kickstart a good way to apply his passion to music.

In the scene I chose to Illustrate the protagonist had just been caught jamming out on his desk by the teacher. The protagonist is extremely frightened and embarrassed; fearful that he could get in lots of trouble for making noise in a room that was suppose to remain silent. I decided to incorporate blushing in my characters face to show embarrassment, and the teacher towering over the student to show fear.

KendraELillica My character is Lillica Edwards, a teenager who comes from an extremely rich family in England. All through her life Lillica's mother has been training her to be a proper young lady, and expects Lillica to marry a rich young man and have many children. However, she is anything but a lady, and would rather move to the United States and become a graphics designer for fantasy movies. For my portrait, I chose to photograph the scene where Lillica is deciding whether she should follow her mother's wishes, or chase her own dreams.

For the portrait, I wanted the scene to look like a teenager's bedroom, so I used furniture from my bedroom as well as a lot of props in the background to give it a slightly cluttered feeling. On the left side of the portrait is many gift boxes, ribbons, and accessories a lady would have. These items resemble what Lillica's mother wants her to be. On the right is books, a pillow, and a box from Star Trek, a popular science-fiction series. These are to resemble Lillica's nerdy personality and dreams. I positioned my model between the two sides so that it looks like she has to pick one way of life or the other. She is looking at the flowers in her hand to show her contemplating which side to chose. Her dress, makeup, and flowers show that she has just met with another suitor her mother picked out. Her bracelets, nail polish, and hair show that she is not a much of a lady, but a typical, modern day teenager. I photographed the model straight on so that she is portrayed like a human being, as opposed to being looked down on or up to. The viewer is able to see what she is going through and see her as an equal. Some problems I encountered while shooting was getting the lighting right and focusing the camera properly. In Photoshop, I made the photo lighter and got rid of a few shadows. I also added a vignette so that the viewer's eye is drawn to the middle of the portrait and to the model's face.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Portraits/images/KendraE.jpgOh... Hey Mom My character, Lillica Edwards, is a teenager who was born into an extremely wealthy family in England. All through her life, Lillica's mother has been training her to be a ''proper'' young lady. Lillica is expected to marry a rich young man and have many children. However, she is anything but a lady and would rather move to the United States and become a graphics designer for fantasy movies. With her traditional mother, it seems that Lillica will never get the approval that she wants so badly.

In the scene that I chose to illustrate, Lillica's mother walks in on her painting a mural on her bedroom wall. Lillica is hoping that the mural will show her mother how talented she is, and convince her to let her go to the United States. When Lillica's mother sees the mural, she is both impressed at Lillica's skills and angry that Lillica does not want to become the lady she was training her to be. I chose to use a bird's eye view when making the illustration, because I wanted to get the view a fly on the wall would have.

KevinHLeona My character is a teenage girl named Leona. She spends most of her time alone as she was abandoned by her parents at a young age and forced to live self reliantly. As a result, she strives for the love and compassion of those around her but the fear of abandonment that is cemented into her heart often dictate her actions. In my character portrait, I have captured the moment she has after writing up a love letter directed at a boy that attends her high school named Phil. This is a moment of focus where she is reading over the letter but also a moment of fear where she thinks back to all the pain that she has suffered. When capturing the shot, I used a low amount of light to create a grim atmosphere. For this shot, the only prop that was used was a piece of binder paper which was the love letter. I had my model, Zippy, dress up and do her make up as she normally would to capture a shot of a normal teenage girl. When we were shooting, we encountered problems with the camera which wasted a good amount of the time we were given to shoot. Luckily we were able to get a bunch of great shots by the end because of Zippy's awesome modeling. /galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Portraits/images/KevinH.jpgTriangle My story is about a girl named Leona who is very lonely who likes this boy that goes to her high school named Phil. However, Phil does not like her back and when he finds a note Leona has left for him in his locker, he is indifferent. Jerid, another boy that goes to their high school, is walking by when this is happening and sees Leona crying. He then goes to her aid and they find happiness together.

My comic portrays the lockers at the edge of the school campus which is by the street and the city. Phil, is at his locker where he finds the letter that was left for him by my main character, Leona. In the background, is a local park where Leona is sitting watching to see when Phil reads her letter. My third and final character, Jerid, is walking down the street of the city when he sees this event occur.

KirillZThe Foreigner My character is a immigrant from a foreign country, who doesn't speak any English and is having a hard time fitting in. She has a hard time understanding English and prefers to do everything she can in her primary language, whenever she does any work she first has to do it in her primary language (Russian) and then slowly translate it into English. I had my character sit on a chair and read a book in Russian while having her feet up on a pile of English books because I feel it shows that she doesn't care much for the English books because she doesn't understand them. She would rather read a book in Russian because she is easily able to follow the story and gets more entertainment out of it and because for her Russian is more important than English and because she is knows Russian much better.

I used my sister for this project because she best suits my character, she is young and shows lots of emotion. One of my greatest challenges was making her stand in the proper pose for the photo because she always wanted to do her own thing and had a hard time staying still. I had very few issues with the technical aspect, the lights were easily set up and were quickly fine tuned for the proper shot. I wanted to have a soft tone surround my character because I feel that it attracts the viewers attention to the character and her immediate surroundings. Overall it was fairly easy for me to get what I needed because I am fairly experienced when it comes to taking photos and using the camera and I had full cooperation of my subject.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Portraits/images/KirillZ.jpgNarrative Illustration I plan to do a shortened version of my story, it's about Vlad, an immigrant from a foreign country who moves to America but doesn't speak any english, yet after going around and trying to ask people for help, he feels down on himself but ends up finding someone that can understand them. After finding someone that can understand him, he becomes very excited and happy and starts saying how happy he is that he doesn't have to be so lonely anymore.

Color wise, I will use mainly blue and red (in his speech bubble) to represent Vlads depression and then happiness since the he was depressed that no one can understand him and then happy that he found a way to escape his depression and sadness. For the other character I used white in their speech bubble to show their neutrality because they are not new to this country and are already established there and are not suffering from any depression or sadness. My linear perspective will be more centered, with the lines receding more into the center of the image, representing a general vanishing point perspective.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Illustrations/images/KirillZ.jpg/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Websites/images/KirillZ.jpg"/~KirillZ/project2/pages/home.htmlD-8lR7CJ5pQForeign SoilfKirillZubaryev

KyraKJunior Narrative Character Portrait My character is a female softball player. She started playing softball when she was seven and found a true passion for the game. As she advanced to high school softball, her goal was to get a full ride scholarship to a Division college. Throughout her years in high school she trained and practiced daily to achieve her dream. This photograph was taken in her senior year at the CCS championship game and everything was on the line. She was up to bat with the scouts watching her every move. She knew she had to get a home run to get that softball scholarship.

I had the model dressed in a softball uniform holding a bat. I took the picture with the model looking into the camera, representing her determination as she looked at the pitcher. The camera angle was straight on at eye level. At first I shot her whole body in the frame, then I realized it was more effective to have her face and the bat so I zoomed in on the model. I felt this was a more dramatic effect.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Portraits/images/KyraK.jpgNarrative Illustration My story is about a boy named mark who grows up and follows his dreams to be a professional baseball player. Mark has been playing baseball since he started walking, it was in his blood. His whole life he has been working hard to achieve his dream, but his goal was slowly beginning to slip away when he went to high school. He was offered a full ride scholarship his junior year to play college ball. The only way he can get the scholarship if raised his grades to a certain GPA. In the end, he gets the scholarship and after two months of playing college baseball he gets drafted into the Pro's to play for the San Francisco Giants.

My Illustration takes place during the World Series, the Giants vs the Dodgers. Its the top of the ninth inning and it tied up six to six. Mark is up to bat, its the bottom of the third. Everyone is depending on Mark to hit a home run to win the game. Everything comes down to this second, and this would determine if the Giants would go home victories or if they would lose. Mark, hits the ball out of the park, and the Giants win the world series. I used linear perspective on the baseball to make the ball look like it was flying out of the park.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Illustrations/images/KyraK.jpg/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Websites/images/KyraK.jpg"/~KyraK/project2/pages/home.htmlKupC7A4Nz-gA Realistic StoryfKyraKliman

MadisenSTaryn Wall Taryn Wall is your typical stressed out senior in high school. She is overwhelmed by the stress of college applications and fears that she will not get accepted into any college, regardless of her perfect grades. At the time the photograph was captured Taryn was startled by the GPA requirements of a college brochure she was reading. Reading this brochure made Taryn feel nervous, dreading that she would not be a qualified applicant at one of the colleges she was applying to.

To capture this shot I focused on the rule of thirds and placed my model into the left third of the photograph, leaving space for the brochure in the second third of the photo. I dressed my model in preppy, nonoffensive clothing. The collared blouse, sweater, and thick white headband show that Taryn is very focused on her schoolwork and will not let even minor distractions, like disorderly clothing, stand in her way of accomplishing her goals. Unfortunately, I dressed my model in a dark sweater with a dark background which caused her to get a little lost in the picture. Although, I fixed this problem by brightening the photo and adding a vignette to the outside edges in Adobe Photoshop.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Portraits/images/MadisenS.jpgUntitled My comic tells the story of Taryn Wall, a stressed out high school senior. She is overwhelmed by the complexity of college applications. Finally the day comes when Taryn's Princeton decision letter comes in the mail. Unfortunately Taryn gets rejected from Princeton. She reacts by tearing up the rejection letter. Although, her rejection from Princeton motivates her to apply to other great colleges.

In the scene I illustrated, Taryn is ripping up her rejection letter from Princeton and throwing it in the trash can outside. The emotions on her face show that she is overwhelmed by anger and sadness because Princeton was her dream college. She is screaming ''I'm never going to get into college!!!'' This scene takes place on the street outside Taryn's house because Taryn ran outside to the mailbox once she heard the mail truck come by with the mail.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Illustrations/images/MadisenS.jpg/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Websites/images/MadisenS.jpg"/~MadisenS/project2/pages/home.htmlIrqFSniOcrIThe Tale of a Lonely Zombie ...fMadisenStitt

MaxwellWThe Cookie Jar The character I created is a stubborn little girl. In the graphic novel that I produced in my English class at Freestyle, this little girl struggles with her headstrong personality. In the graphic novel, the little girl is presented with a very bland sandwich and decides to pursue the unreachable cookie jar. My graphic novel shows all of her attempts to gain access to this cookie jar and she then succumbs to her hunger and finally eats the sandwich earlier presented to her. She then realizes how amazing this ugly looking sandwich is and learns that she shouldn't judge things before she gets to know them. In my photograph, I captured the girls attitude towards the beginning of the story. The moment where she despised the sandwich.

During my photoshoot, I told my model to sit down facing away from the sandwich placed behind her. She was then told to cross her arms and in the opposing direction from the sandwich to show the character's emotions towards the sandwich. My camera was elevated and angled downwards so I was able to see a bit of the top of the sandwich so the viewer could tell what the object actually was. The only props I used during the photo shoot were a plate, a sandwich, and a bow for the hair of the model which resembles that of the main character. My photo may be simple, but I think it gets the point across for the simple story. There was no makeup application during the photoshoot. The only problem I faced was lighting which I overcame through several initial experimental shots using a range of light settings to find the perfect tone. It took a while but the final effect was worth the time.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Portraits/images/MaxwellW.jpgThe Cookie Jar My graphic novel, The Cookie Jar, is about a young girl who struggles with her stubbornness. When confronted by her own hunger and presented with a rather dull looking sandwich, she chooses to pursue a more interesting meal. My graphic novel depicts her various attempts to reach the cookie jar which her father moves out of the way to be just out of her reach. With every minute that goes by, her hunger and frustration continue to increase. The little girl tries everything from begging to trying to climb to the top shelf and get to the cookies. Eventually she gives in to her intense hunger and returns to her seat at the table at which the story began. She judges the sandwich one last time, then proceeds to give it a try. She is surprised to discover that she enjoys the sandwich and comes to the rather cliche conclusion that she shouldn't judge something before she tries it.

The scene I decided to illustrate captures the moment in which the main character creates a paper airplane to throw at the cookie jar in hopes of knocking it down. This is one of her final attempts before she gives into her hunger and decides to proceed to the resolution of the story. The image shows a front perspective looking at her as she's sitting on the floor with papers around her. In the illustration she is gazing at a paper airplane resting in her hand. The background is the interior of her house.

MicaCNarrative Character Portrait My character is a six year old girl living in New York city. She has a slight obsession with superheroes, she spends all day pretending to be one, and always carries her favorite action figure with her. When in school and in public she is told not to play pretend, as it is deemed the wrong time to do so and she should ''know better''. In this photograph I have captured her imagining herself as one of the superheroes that she looks up to. She is posed with her arms on her hips and with her body in a powerful stance so that she looks like a typical superhero. She is looking upwards to show power like many super heroes but also the imagination in the young girl.

I captured the shot using a straight on but lower camera angle to make the subject appear more powerful while getting her entire upper body in the shot. I dressed the model in all black so that the shimmery red cape would contrast well to emphasize the superhero aspect of the photo. The model has dark makeup around her eyes so that they are emphasized and the viewer focuses on them and where they are looking. One problem that I encountered was with the lights in the studio, they kept malfunctioning during my shoot. Another problem I encountered was my model. Originally I had chosen a child the age of my character to model, but I soon realized that it would be far too difficult for her to follow specific modeling instructions, so I chose an older model to represent my character. To create my final photo, I used Photoshop to touch up imperfections in the photo, darken the background, boost the color in the cape, and add a vignette.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Portraits/images/MicaC.jpgHey, you dropped this. This comic tells the story of a young girl who dreams of being a super hero. She is obsessed with anything superhero related and spends her time drawing heroes, and pretending to be one. Throughout the story she is scolded for playing pretend in what is considered ''inappropriate'' situations, such as school and the grocery store. At the end of the story, she finally cracks, she defies her mother's requests and runs rampid atop a fruit display in a grocery store. She is quickly scolded and told not to do so again. As she is walking home with her mother, she has a moment of self-awareness where she realizes that she will not be permitted to behave in such a manner and to a greater extent, society has begun to beat the innocence and imagination out of her. As she walks she very dramatically drops her toy action figure that she brings with her everywhere and that she had been holding the entire time. She continues on her way only to be stopped by someone shouting behind her. She turns around to see a smiling police officer holding out her toy that she had dropped. The girl is in awe of the officer, and now wants to become one when she grows up.

In this scene, the officer is handing the toy to the girl, the toy is larger than much of the other parts of the page because it is the main focal point. It is meant to look as though it is from the girl's perspective. Additionally there is a lot of red-ish magenta in the panel just as it was in the original graphic novel. I chose the magenta as a recurring motif throughout my graphic novel to focus the viewers attention to certain details.

NicolasFJay Talisman My character was Jay Talisman, in my story he is represented by a lonely blue jay. Throughout the narrative Jay is stuck in a crisis and ends up lost and unable to decide what to do. The moment of complete helplessness and confusion is what I wanted to capture. I knew I wanted a light background to almost make it seem like he was lost in his own imagination surrounded by an endless sea of nothingness. The angle was very direct to focus Jay himself, and as for props I used a few.

The first thing I added was have my model re-button his shirt to make it look almost as if he was hungover, the buttons all off place and a belt wrapped around his head. The reason for this is because nothing shows confusion and frustration more ''elegantly'' than a hangover, when the person wakes up with no clue where they are a terrible headache and tons of regret. The main issue I faced was making the background as bright as I wanted, in Photoshop I was able to add filters and the dodge tool to help create more of a blue from what was before yellowish.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Portraits/images/NicolasF.jpgThe Final Piece My comic is about a lonely blue bird named Jay Talisman. The story starts when he discovers the love of his life is take by another bird. A few days later, he sees this man once again but instead of with his dream girl, he's with a different girl. Jay quickly snaps a picture and comes up with a plan. Each night he leaves a puzzle piece with part of the photo he took in Leona's (the girl he's in love with) nest until finally only one piece remains, which is the piece that reveals that it's a picture of her guy with another girl. Jay walks up to Leona and offers the piece where she looks at it in shock. The next day she of course breaks up with him and ultimately falls in love with Jay for showing her the truth.

The scene I chose to depict was the climax of the story where he hands her the puzzle piece that clearly shows the face of another bird. This is the moment when Leona realizes how grateful she is for Jay and leaves the other bird for him.

NilesLPride of Belonging In this story my character doesn't have a name to make him more relatable to more people, but with that said he's an Asian-American boy who just turned 18. His parents put a lot of pressure on him to be successful in school and go to a well-named College. and his main goal is for his parents to be happy of his achievements and be proud of him, but he is average in school and doesn't have any real world talents. So after a chance meet with an Army recruiter he decides to join the Army and earn the title. In this photo my character first gets his Army Uniform because he just completed boot camp. He feels proud that he was able to overcome the physical and mental challenges. But he's also proud that his parents can look at him and be proud of their son's achievements.

One of only problems that I had was when I preparing for this shot and getting a Uniform. In the original story my character becomes a Marine, because Marines are the best branch of Armed Services, and also train the hardest. I wanted my character to be wearing a Marine's Dress Blue uniform but since I was unable to get a uniform I had to use my uncle's Army uniform.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Portraits/images/NilesL.jpgPride of Belonging In my comic my character has a lot of problems at school both with grades and other students. And it doesn't help that his parents are pushing him to get perfect grades in school so that he can get into a well known collage. He tries his hardest to be better in school to please his parents, but despite his hard work he just gets average grades. Then one day on his way to school he get tripped by group of bullies at his school, a Marine Recruiter see this and helps the boy up. The boy is inspired by the recruiters willingness to help and confidence, he briefly talks the recruiter about the Marine Corps and opportunities while in service. The recruiter seeing the boy's interest and potential gives him a flyer and schedules an official meeting at a recruiting office. Later that day when the boy comes home from school, he is greeted by his distraught mother, upset over a poor grade he received on a math test. She is upset because she believes her son won't be accepted to any colleges because of his grades and will be a failure in life. While laying in bed that night thinking about the event from that day, the boy swears to himself that he will make his parent proud of his achievements even if its not academically.

In this scene the Marine recruiter is interviewing the main character and explaining what the Marine Corps does and all the opportunities that the Marine Corps can offer him. This is a crucial scene in the story because the main character is deciding the course of his life.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Illustrations/images/NilesL.jpg/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Websites/images/NilesL.jpg"/~NilesL/project2/pages/home.htmlh186FfhSypIPride of BelongingfNilesLee

NolanRAn Unwritten Theory In my story, a young adult named Lunbridge wanted to get away from all his troubles and live in the forest for a weekend. However, while he was there he encountered a sweet smelling scent and followed it to a beautiful woman. Once he enters her house, he discovers the reason why this girl is all alone. There had been many previous men there before him, but none had come out alive (metaphorically). In the photo I took, I was trying to show his ignorance towards danger and his compassion for everyone in the world. I tried to set a sort of mellow yet depressing mood by giving the viewer the impression that the sun is slowly coming down.

In my picture, I had my friend relaxing as if he possessed no troubles, with a grin on his face to hint a bit of ignorance. I shined the lights on the right side brighter than the left in order to make the sun seem as if it were just coming down from the right side. My intent for this picture was to show a mellow yet depressing mood, so I used black wall paper to give off a depressing/anxiety building vibe. I had my model hold a newspaper while he was laying down to show how he's not paying attention to any worries. The newspapers also played a huge role in the storyline, so it felt appropriate to incorporate it into my photo.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Portraits/images/NolanR.jpgUntitled No Artist Statement /galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Illustrations/images/NolanR.jpg/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Websites/images/NolanR.jpg"/~NolanR/project2/pages/home.htmlwNolanRudolph

PaigeNUntitled No Artist Statement /galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Portraits/images/PaigeN.jpgBelow In my graphic novel, my character makes his way through a nightmare. He is dropped into a rocky cave, as he begins to get himself up he encounters a monster. He runs from the monster and crashes through a wall, falling through the sky and into an ocean below. He falls unconscious and is dragged down by a tentacled horror. He is swallowed and finds himself floating through time and space, where he encounters a whale-like creature. He wakes up right before he is swallowed yet again, swearing off horror movies for the rest of his life.

In the scene I chose to illustrate, my character is facing his first monster, looming over him as he puts his hands up in defense. This is the first time he has been faced with anything so grotesque, so he finds himself frozen in fear and without something to protect himself. I attempted Worm's eye view, linear perspective from the ground looking upwards. It is meant to make the viewer feel small in comparison to the monster's face, which stretches out of view.

PeterCJasper Jasper is an awkward guy who is very lonely and has a magic power to make people ''disappear''. Having no friends, he spends his time perfecting his love of drawing. Jasper does many quirky things like talking to his teddy bear and befriending inanimate objects. In my story, Jasper is trying to find a human friend. In the beginning we can see him making awkward conversation with his teddy bear. He draws, then shows his bear his picture and the process goes on. What eventually ends up happening is that Jasper is no longer satisfied with his teddy bear because of its lack of response to his art. Very violently Jasper draws the teddy bear and rips the page out of the book causing the bear to disappear.

In my picture we see Jasper showing his teddy bear the drawing he has just made. However, because the bear is inanimate we see a blank expression which does not satisfy jaspers need for approval with his drawing. While editing this picture, I lightened the background so that his jacket did not blend into the background. Another technique I used was to put an extremely faint glow around Jasper and the bear this makes the two look more as if they are popping off the background. Lastly, I removed small irritating folds in the backdrop. I had a lot of problems with the studio so I made do with what i could.. In the end I would say I am proud of what I got out of the bad situation.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Portraits/images/PeterC.jpgAlone in the park Jasper is an awkward guy who is very lonely and has a magic power to make people ''disappear''. Having no friends, he spends his time perfecting his love of drawing. Jasper does many quirky things like talking to his teddy bear and befriending inanimate objects. In my story, Jasper is trying to find a human friend.

At the climax of the story, we see Jasper with his new best friend, a heart balloon, dancing, skipping happily and having the time of his life with his new friend. After his montage, Jasper becomes very careless and loses the balloon, which makes him very sad and lonely yet again. To show linear perspective in the image, I made the grass get smaller as it fades off into the distance. I also made the gravel path wind of into the background.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Illustrations/images/PeterC.jpg/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Websites/images/PeterC.jpg"/~PeterC/project2/pages/home.html1sCw6amUWekDraw Their SoulsfPeterCoish

RadhikaGAisha Chadda My character's name is Aisha Chadda. She is an innocent 11 year old girl with a single mother who only wants the best for her. Aisha is a very loving and accepting child who is rarely found without a smile on her face. My story revolves around Aisha seeing her estranged father with his new family at the park and her reaction to that. I captured her at the park right before she sees her father.

I used the studio at Freestyle to shoot this photo. I used three lights (a keylight, backlight, and a fill light) to get good lighting for my character. Unfortunately the strobe lights weren't working so my photo came out a little dark and grainy. To try and fix this, I moved the lights closer to my model which helped but didn't fix the problem. I wanted to make her seem childlike so I gave her pigtails and a teddy bear. I used a blue background to give the impression of being outside. I also tried to have relatively soft lighting on her to give the photo a feeling of innocence.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Portraits/images/RadhikaG.jpgUntitled My story revolves around Aisha, a young girl, running into her estranged father and his new family at the park and the reaction that follows. Aisha's mother is very worried about how her daughter will react and opts to leave immediately. Aisha, on the other hand, wants to stay and reconcile with her father. The novel's climax shows Aisha being pulled away but looking back at her father. Aisha eventually runs back and hugs her father, signaling reconciliation. Her mother realizes that maybe she can learn something about forgiveness from her daughter. The final scene depicts Aisha's mother, father and his new wife watching their children play together.

In part of my graphic novel, I hint that things had ended badly between Aisha's parents by showing someone holding a torn wedding photo. This is the scene I chose to depict in my illustration because I thought it would be somewhat challenging to create and would also be visually appealing. I used Adobe Illustrator to create this illustration. I used the pen tool and fill colors to make the basic outlines and do the basic coloring of everything in this image.

RaynaMNarrative Character Portrait My story is about a little girl who finds a picture book with stars in the sky. She lives in a light polluted city, and has never seen stars before. Being young and naïve, she attempts to cut out paper stars of her own to put in the sky, only to have them fall to the ground. In her disappointment she throws away her book, but then notices a box of Christmas lights. She sets up the lights in her room and creates her own stars. In my photo, I have captured the moment after she begins cutting out the stars and is wondering at the mystery these small shapes hold.

I used some lighter colored makeup to hide my subject's blemishes (freckles, mostly) and make her look younger. I kept that makeup to a bare minimum. I used a plain construction paper with a star cut out and a blanket for props, the cut out an essential part of the story and the blanket helping to show that she's relaxing in her room. The low camera angle helps show her as she is lying on the ground, a comfortable position many find comfortable for reading. Some problems I encountered while shooting were with some of the lights not going off when I shot a photo. This caused a lot of interesting lighting effects, and I solved it by taking multiple shots and adjusting the lights the best I could. Another problem was that my subject is a great deal older than my character, but by having her lie on the ground and have a blanket with her it helped to make her look younger. There was also a lot of debris visible on the backdrop, since it was black, but using the healing tool in Photoshop I was able to fix that fairly quickly.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Portraits/images/RaynaM.jpgA Light in the Dark My story follows the adventures of a little girl who lives in a city with a considerable amount of light pollution. One night she finds a picture book with stars in the sky, something she has never seen before, and she proceeds to try and put stars in the sky herself to make it look like the picture. Her paper cut outs don't stick to the sky, however; not even when she uses glue. In her discouragement she throws the book away and decides to forget she ever saw the mysterious shapes.

The scene I have illustrated is the final scene, after she throws the book away. The little girl notices that she can use the paper with star cut outs in it to create a sort of star ''lamp'' by curling it into a cylinder and taping it. This projects her own stars onto the walls of her room. She ends up very happy with the results, even though the stars are not in the actual sky, and she pulls the book out of the trash to continue reading it under starlight.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Illustrations/images/RaynaM.jpg/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Websites/images/RaynaM.jpg"/~RaynaM/project2/pages/home.htmljWUEeKCgw9cA Light in the DarkfRaynaMahnken

RohitPResurrection My character is a caring, determined and thoughtful teenager who is struggling to maintain his sister's innocence. My story portrays a brother who is constantly replacing his sister's first pet fish when it passes away, such that she is unaware when it dies. This tedious act of going to the store and buying a fish without his sisters knowing becomes a stressful burden, and one that he cannot afford to lose for the sake of preserving her innocence. In my photo, I decided to display a moment when he is refilling the fish bowl after recently throwing out the old dead fish. His facial expression depicts one of an anxious, puzzled, and tiresome teenager who is caught in a standstill between the conservation of fantasy in his sister's perspective and the reality of the situation he has put upon himself. This is the revolving conflict in the story, for the brother is faced with such forces that make him question how long he is needed to keep replacing the fish to maintain her child-like and idealistic beliefs.

In creating the photo, I decided to have more of a head-on frontal shot of my character so that my audience could truly see his expression, the vital part of the piece. In doing so, I had my character picture himself in a burdensome situation in order for the viewers to understand the meaning through his facial features. Along with that, I incorporated a fish bowl and a thin plastic fish bag with water to make the scene come alive with a setting and action. With a high shutter speed, I was able to freeze the water in its place, perpetuating the lively energy involved when filling the bowl to make the scene more visually attractive and appealing. When I finally put the picture in Photoshop, I utilized various tools to blur the background completely along with creating a vignette so the subject could be the focus and pop out at the viewer.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Portraits/images/RohitP.jpgRealization My story depicts a determined and overly caring brother who has recently bought his little sister a fish. When the fish dies, he forces himself to replace it immediately before his sister finds out in order to preserve her innocence on the topic of death. After buying and replacing the fish numerous times over many months, the process becomes a stressful burden for the brother causing him to question how long he needs to keep replacing the fish to maintain his sister's child-like and idealistic beliefs. He's torn between the preservation of fantasy in the girl's mind and the reality of the situation he has put on himself, which creates the revolving conflict in the story.

In my illustration, I decided to display the climax of my story. At this point, the brother has just returned from the store without a fish because he had been told they ran out of his sister's particular kind of fish. He's depressed and fears the worst for he thinks that she'll never get through the thought of her fish dying. But, when he enters her room to tell her the news, he walks in on her carrying the last fish bag, which is what I have depicted in this piece. With a confused and puzzled expression on his face, the brother eventually realizes that his sister was aware that her fish was dying over and over again and getting replaced each time. Getting her own fish in the end portrays that she has a level of maturity that the brother was forever unconscious of until this pivotal scene. In an odd way, the brother is relieved that he no longer needs to hide this secret because she has the ability to replace it, making her just as caring towards her brother as he is to her, bringing them closer together than ever before. By using linear perspective, I made the scene pop out more and appear more in depth which is visually appealing.

RyanNEnchantment through Demise My character's name is Johnathan Lancaster. A charming, and compassionate individual but understands what he needs to accomplish in order to receive everything he wants. However, due to conflicts within his own life that prevent him from completing his university studies, it forces him to leave his home environment. The character's current thoughts are that of a flashback to positive and healthy moments of having a constructive relationship with his family in the past where conflict and loathing became the common standard. There came a time when love hadn't struck him and left as hard as it currently did. He was extremely surprised as he thought he could never find someone that could love him unconditionally after only upon getting to know the kind and lovely spirit that just enchants each and every day for Jonathan, Juliette. The character is undergoing adaptation to his new life without the comfortability of a home and its surrounding amenities. In order for Jonathan to deal with the emotions that come with a great change in a person's life, it will become abundantly clear that for the main character to escape his current disposition, he must further pursue his academic endeavors as the day will come when he will have enough money to reunite with his true love Juliette.

For capturing the shots, they will largely consist of medium close ups, and close ups besides exterior/establishing shot to provide clarification to audience of location or current theme being addressed. The props will include: A French Flag, Pocket photograph of family, passport, as he can only carry thing to remind him of his former life.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Portraits/images/RyanN.jpgCompassion through Demise My comic book entails the story following a bright student as he is raising the necessary funds to have for the opportunity to reunite with a girl he had met through a study abroad program in France one year earlier. Having both being still very fond for each other and kept in touch during the mutual absence, Jonathan and Juliet ideally see a future for themselves together, drawing from the connection they initially had. In order to achieve this goal, Jonathan applies for numerous odd jobs as he is optimistically prepared to meet the deadline of the anniversary of when they first met. Upon completing the tasks, and raising the amount for a one-way ticket to France, Jonathan books the flight as soon as the opportunity presented itself.

The scene I have chosen to illustrate is my comic book's climax. I wanted my character to have the dilemma in regards to his undergoing endeavors as a University student, or venture onward to his excursion in Paris as the anniversary is readily approaching. On the left, he has his life at home and continued interests of study, while on the right, he has the traveling and consuming lust at even the chance of seeing her again. The question mark in the middle, and unequal symbol on both panels, it is a metaphor for expressing that there are two unknowns to either scenario as not one is morally suiting. But for anything certain in Jonathan's case, his everlasting love is going to drive his longing to reconnect with Juliet.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Illustrations/images/RyanN.jpg/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Websites/images/RyanN.jpg"/~RyanN/project2/pages/home.htmlD-8lR7CJ5pQForeign SoilfRyanNorton

SabrinaKMargarete Margarete Acatilla. Self absorbed, self admiring, and conceited because of an incident long ago. A teenage narcissist who needs to pay less attention to the the reflection in her silver handheld mirror and be more concerned with those around her. As a young child, Margarete had been isolated and rather shy until she met her new best friend, an abandoned kitten by her house. Since the death of the small and weak cat, she has blamed herself for the accident and punished herself by not interacting anymore with others. She spends time alone by herself; that's where her narcissism comes from. However, in my graphic novel, I present the story of the protagonist with the conflict of her decision to whether find a reflection of her unaesthetic appearance or help a disabled teenage boy. Here, the moment captured in my character photo was not within any of the stories I explained above, however it expresses the overall personality of my fictional character in the beginning of my graphic novel.

I captured the shot with angles that portray my character as a narcissistic character and angles that will emphasize the mirror.The only prop I used was a silver mirror which my model could look into, portraying her as self absorbed while sitting. My model had put some simple makeup on which wasn't overdone so as to have a natural look. Since one of the lights in the the studio was malfunctioning, one key problem I faced was letting more light into some of my photos. I dealt with this by editing the photo I needed and adjusting it to make the picture seem lighter and appropriate for the mood.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Portraits/images/SabrinaK.jpgConsiderantia My comic is about a teenage narcissist who pays more attention to the reflection in her handheld mirror than she needs to. From beginning to end, my character, Margarete, changes from being conceited and very self-conscious of her outward appearance, to becoming a person more aware of those in need. In the beginning of my graphic novel, Margarete spends time alone and doesn't pay attention about her surroundings. Subsequently, a big gust of wind blows at her and makes her drop her mirror and belongings. Rushing to find another mirror to see how she looked, she stumbled upon a decision to help a disabled teenage boy. In the end, she decided to do so and when she did, the dreadful monstrous shadow she saw behind her became normal.

The scene I did for my illustration was right after the wind blew at her, and when Margarete realized that her appearance seemed different. She then reacts to it with a vision of her shadow casted as a unkind monster. This was to emphasize her narcissism. I used this scene as a metaphor on how the character believed she looked hideous, since the shape of the shadow was portrayed as abnormal. However, at the end of the story, the shadow becomes normal, making the shadow represent what the protagonist sees in herself.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Illustrations/images/SabrinaK.jpg/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Websites/images/SabrinaK.jpg"/~SabrinaK/project2/pages/home.htmlR0A3llc0gVAWhen Our Paths CrossedfSabrinaKwong

SachaMWhen Our Paths Crossed My character is Naomi. She is 16 years old and has just moved cross country from her hometown in Virginia. Naomi has to start over all while leaving behind her best friend whom she's known almost her entire life. Throughout the story we follow Naomi as she learns she's not as alone as she feels. It was a chance to start fresh and she took it. I chose to capture the moment where she has just arrived at her new home and is trying to contact her best friend Brooke.

I chose to do a medium shot of my character, I chose this because I wanted to be able to capture the look on her face and the laptop. The laptop signifies her lasting connection to Brooke, the thing that keeps them together even when they're thousands of miles apart. The background was plain and simple because I did not want to draw away from my main focus, Naomi. I kept her makeup minimal because she was starting fresh. The main problem I had was trying to find a good balance of facial expressions for the photo. Despite the fact that she's left her home I wanted Naomi to look somewhat content. She is putting on a brave face, not just for Brooke but also for herself. I used Photoshop to add the vignette on the photo but kept the touch ups minimal.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Portraits/images/SachaM.jpgRejected and dejected My story is about a girl named Naomi who has moved across the country from her hometown, she left behind family and her best friend, Brooke. Naomi is having trouble adjusting and with the first day of school right around the corner she seeks console in her best friend. Throughout my graphic novel we watch as Naomi learns that she's not as alone as she thinks she is. You often find friends when you need them the most.

In the scene I chose to illustrate, Naomi has run out of class after being embarrassed about not being able to answer a problem on the board. She bolts to the bathroom where she breaks down, little does she know that this is where she will find out that somebody has been watching out for her.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Illustrations/images/SachaM.jpg/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Websites/images/SachaM.jpg"/~SachaM/project2/pages/home.htmlR0A3llc0gVAWhen Our Paths CrossedfSachaMcDermott

SavannahCLost The character is a teenage boy who loves to read mystery novels. The story is about a time when he must come out of his shell to return a book to a girl he wouldn't usually have been confident enough to talk to. This photograph captures my characters timid curiosity as he tries to solve a real life mystery.

I originally wanted to shoot in full color, but with a black background to make my character seem more mysterious. Because of an unfortunate malfunction with the lights and studio, I wasn't able to get the look I was going for. Instead of becoming frustrated with the equipment, I resolved this problem by shooting in noir. Unlike the equipment, my model was perfect and was able to convey the emotion of my character really well.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Portraits/images/SavannahC.jpgLost He strives to become as great as one of the mystery detectives he constantly reads about. One day, at his favorite coffee shop, he sees a new girl reading one of his favorite books. They make a connection over their shared interests but she suddenly leaves after getting a phone call. The boy looks across the table and discovers that she left her favorite book behind. In an uncharacteristically courageous move, he decides to go after her.

The panel shows the struggle of a boy trying to overcome his naturally shy personality. In this scene, the protagonist makes the decision to pick up a lost book and track down the girl who is missing it. This is a big moment for the character because he is finally showing bravery, just like the famous detectives he admires.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Illustrations/images/SavannahC.jpg/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Websites/images/SavannahC.jpg"/~SavannahC/project2/pages/home.html7sOY_jeyieIThe WindowfSavannahCarroll-Muñoz

SeanBA Valiant Scientists My narrative character was Justin Palaces. He is a scientists based in the not so distant future, his role is to save the world. There's a certain type of bacteria infecting all of our important food sources that needs to be dealt with. Justin is the man for this job. He gets up each morning and commutes to work at Stanford Science Facilities. But, in my story, one morning he gets up and looks at the newspaper, and sees the world only has fifty days of food left before everyone will go hungry. He rushes to his lab where he defeats the bacteria and saves the world. My picture captures Justin studying his results on the historic experiment that will save the world.

To capture my photo, my model Garrett and I had to improvise a lot because, when we went into the studio the flash for the camera was broken. This changed my camera angles and lighting quite a bit. For the lighting, I had to make sure everything in the room was bright enough to see with the handicap of no flash. By the end, the lighting worked out well because scientific labs are usually very bright to see experiments well in real life. As for the camera angle, I put the camera pointing at my model's upper torso area where he is holding a folder of his results. The only props I used were a lab coat and a folder to be the results.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Portraits/images/SeanB.jpgThe Valiant Scientist My comic character is Justin Palaces. He is a scientist based in the not so distant future. His role is to save the world. There's a certain type of bacteria infecting all of our important food sources that needs to be dealt with. Justin is the man for this job. He gets up each morning and commutes to work at Stanford Science Facilities. But, in my story, one morning he gets up and looks at the newspaper, and sees the world only has fifty days of food left before everyone will go hungry. He rushes to his lab where he defeats the bacteria and saves the world. My picture captures Justin studying his results on the historic experiment that will save the world.

The scene I chose to draw was the pivotal scene in my story. It is a closeup of Justin's face with his arm reaching in front of him dropping in the legendary drop that will solve humanity's food problem. The look on his face is very excited and brave, sweat is dripping down his face because of the intensity of the problem at hand. Drops from a dropper tool held in front of his face is shown in action going into the petri dish.

SierraKUntitled No Artist Statement /galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Portraits/images/SierraK.jpgKleptomania Ky is a 16-year-old kleptomaniac whose goal through the story is to steal a ring from the store they walk in. Upon entering the store, they are almost immediately spotted by a security guard, and they have to try and think up some other solution. Sneaking around, they go to the end of all the aisles and push over one of the shelves to create a domino effect, and thus a distraction. With the guard distracted, they go and steal the ring, and leave the store successful in their endeavor.

I decided to draw the ending scene of the story, in which Ky walks away after performing the successful steal, ring in hand. I decided to make the background of the store dark, to focus the attention on Ky and the broken display case. The color scheme I actually went with was pretty bland, to try and keep focus on the ring and jewelry that Ky was wearing.

TalyaAArtist Statement My character is a young teenage girl. She is a reserved introvert who takes chances in every situation. The story I am telling is of a girl who likes this boy but the boy doesn't like her back. She tries many times to give the boy gifts but she can't win him over. Finally, she is so sad that she just sits down and cries. Little does she know a different boy has been watching her all along and likes her. He comes to give her flowers and they spend the rest of the day together in pure bliss. The moment I have captured through my photo is when the first boy has rejected her and she is feeling very gloomy.

I captured the shot by using a DSLR camera in the studio at Freestyle. I took the shot from a head on angle. Although I shot many photos, all from different angles, I felt like the head on shot really helped to show the emotion my character was feeling. I decided not to use any props to show how simple of a person she is but also because I felt like for the emotion I was trying to portray they would have been distracting. I had my actor wear a small amount of makeup to show that she is a teenager. I encountered a few problems with getting the lighting to be exactly how I wanted. But after adjusting the lights and how they lit up my character I was happy with the final outcome. Finally, to put the finishing touches on my photo, in Photoshop I put a vignette effect on the photo as well as some simple edits to the actors hair and clothes.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Portraits/images/TalyaA.jpgNarrative Illustration The story I wrote is called Try Again and it takes place in a neighborhood park. My story is about a girl named Nina who likes this boy named Josh. She tries to win him over by giving him flowers, gifts, and even a cupcake. Meanwhile, he throws all her gifts on the ground because he is not interested in her. Nina is seen crying in many of the scenes because the boy she likes keeps rejecting her. My story ends with a new boy named Zach, coming to Nina's rescue and giving her a beautiful bouquet of flowers. The story ends with Nina and Zach sitting on the park bench together and in love.

The scene I chose to illustrate is when Josh is throwing the flowers that Nina gave him on the ground. In the scene, Nina is shown crying. They are seen at the neighborhood park, in which the whole story takes place. I used linear perspective and drop shadows to bring this illustration to life. I created this in Adobe Illustrator.

TanviSNarrative Character Portrait The character depicted in the photograph, Jennifer, is a teenager who is juggling many activities and extracurriculars along with school. She can't focus on just one activity and has to constantly switch up her routine. Since Jennifer doesn't focus or stay set on one goal, she is often caught up in this frenzy and stressful situation. The picture I chose of Jennifer depicts one aspect of her life, that being her school life. Oftentimes she gets behind with the multitude of assignments and projects and isn't sure how to go about completing all of her work. The image shows her being very stressed surrounded by all of her schoolwork.

I shot the image from a slightly higher angle, looking down on the subject, to portray the feeling of helplessness and feeling small among all the stress the character is feeling. I made sure my model wore bright colored clothes to stand out against the black background. I used many books and binders and assignments and scattered it around my model to help get my message across. One problem I encountered was with the lighting; on the day I shot, the lights were not working properly and were not firing, so I had to try to correct the exposure with lower lighting. Although it made shooting more challenging, by changing the aperture and moving the lights around, I was able to make it work.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Portraits/images/TanviS.jpgNarrative Illustration My comic is about a highschool boy who lives a terribly boring, repetitive life. He lives with his parents and his daily schedule consists of going to school, working at the Dollar Store, and then going home to do homework. He has a crush on one of the girls in his class, but unfortunately she does not reciprocate his feelings, which saddens him. One day while at his job at the dollar store, as he is stocking items; someone runs through the store, goes straight for the cash register and robs the store. The boy turns around just as the robber is running out with the cash. Shocked, the boy runs after the robber and chases the thief down the street. After catching the robber, the boy realizes that the person who attempted to rob the Dollar Store was the girl from his class who he has a crush on. The boy triumphantly takes back the money and realizes that the girl he was so heartbroken over is not who he thought she was.

In the scene I chose to depict, the girl has just ran out of the Dollar Store holding the money she stole. The boy working at the Dollar Store is not depicted, as he is still in the store. The girl is holding up two handfuls of money in front of the store.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Illustrations/images/TanviS.jpg/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Websites/images/TanviS.jpg"/~TanviS/project2/pages/home.htmlyI5T2Z-8yLQLost and FoundfTanviSehgal

WillemGSunday Stroll Gone Awry My character, named Andy, is a junior in highschool who was biking to his friend's house on a weekend. On his way to the friend's house, he stumbled upon what appeared to be a kidnapping. There was a little Asian toddler across the crosswalk from him. She had a brand new sky blue bicycle with hot pink tassels on the handlebars. As the two waited for the cross sign to change, a middle-aged, medium-build man in the driver seat of a red sedan pulled up to the sidewalk. He rolled down the window and jingled some keys out of the window as he motioned for her to come closer. She ran away from the car, leading the Andy to believe that it was an abduction scenario. He phoned the police who in turn found the guy who turned out to be the father of the little girl. The shot that I took is the moment Andy witnessed the potential abduction.

Andy had a sense of tunnel vision during the incident so I tried to make it look like everything around him was drowned out. I took a close up so we could see the intensity of his reaction to the situation was and how concerned he was for the life of the little girl. The lighting I used was very dramatic, almost in a noir setting, to show how focused he was on making sure this little girl got out okay. I had a helmet on his head to show he was biking and had him wear standard clothing for someone of Andy's age. The main problems I encountered during the shoot were getting the model to take on the right facial expressions and the lighting equipment, which would only work for about half of the shots I took.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Portraits/images/WillemG.jpgSaturday Morning Gone Awry My comic is of a little girl who is riding her new bicycle for the first time. She is biking down a fairly busy street, and approaches a crosswalk. She waits for the traffic light to change in order for her to cross. A rather suspicious looking man in a car drives up to the curb next to the little girl and motions for her to get in. The girl sees the man and walks away from him, just in time to cross the street.

I chose to illustrate the scene when the little girl is about to get abducted. In this shot the car pulls up to the girl who is on the sidewalk. She is apprehensive to getting any nearer to the car and is moving away from it. The car in this scene is supposed to be the ''villain'' and thus I am making it look more ominous and demonic by painting it red and making it rather large.

WilliamTOld Dog My main character is named Joe Smith. He is born from a family of world famous farmers. He is now old and wants his farm to win awards like his family always has. He is very hard working and serious. His life was very boring until he got a puppy to keep him company on the farm. In my picture, I have captured Joe Smith showing what he values most in his life. He values his crops and winning awards for his expertise in farming.

To capture this shot, I dressed my model, Connor Leak, in what a farmer would wear. I had him hold the corn and the award in his hands. I had him make a very serious face which contained no nonsense. I wanted the character to look very tired and tough. To show this, I had Connor look into the distance to represent how farmer Smith is always concentrated on the future, and how he will become an award winning farmer one day. I arranged the light in the studio so that it would cast a shadow on one side of his face. This represents his sad and troubled history of always wanting to fulfill his family's expectations. Once I took the raw shot, I put the photo into Adobe Photoshop. I then adjusted the contrast of the photo to make it more dramatic and bring out the fine details of the photo.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Portraits/images/WilliamT.jpgOld Dog Learns New Tricks In my story, a hardworking farmer named Joe Smith, is being pestered by his energetic and playful dog. His dog has been digging up holes in farmer Joe's farmland. Joe is a very stern and ambitious man. He comes from a long line of famous farmers before him. Also, he wants to win an award for his farming skills. He is very annoyed by his dog at first. However, he learns to embrace his dogs naughty behavior and has a great idea. He allows his dog to dig as many holes as he wants, and Joe follows closely behind, planting seeds in these holes.

My comic shows the last scene of my story, in which the farmer is outside with his dog, admiring his successful crops. He is out on the farm, surrounded by his crops that have now grown to be very tall. He has a trophy in his hand, as he won an award for his farming expertise. He is very proud of himself, and he is friends with his dog once again. This is the conclusion to my story, as he has now accomplished his main goal to be an award winning farmer.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Illustrations/images/WilliamT.jpg/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Websites/images/WilliamT.jpg"/~WilliamT/project2/pages/home.htmlq2GKVTlphTkThe RacefWilliamThabit

ZipporahANarrative Character Portrait Sophia Jones is a lonely, bored, determined teenager looking for something to brighten up her life. Tired of all the stress and work from school, she yearns for a chance to be distracted and have fun. One day at school, expecting to experience another full-fledged day of lame lectures and monotonous class work, she runs into the most beautiful boy that she had ever seen! What more of a distraction could a boy be? Throughout the rest of the day she tries to pursue him in attempts to gain his attention, so inevitably the scene I decided to capture is when she sees the cute boy for the first time.

Since my character Sophia, is a regular teenage girl, I had my model Kylie, add a little bit of makeup and wear something really cute. I wanted to capture her as if she was checking out a boy that she liked, so I shot her at an angle to create more length and asked her to look away from the camera. Some problems I encountered were how to properly place the lights on my model, and to get them working. It took awhile, but after several shots, I eventually got the lighting that I wanted. Once I finished my shoot, I edited the picture in Photoshop to add a vignette, and retouch my photo.
/galleries/2014-2015/p2-Narrative1/Portraits/images/ZipporahA.jpgLost in a Dream My comic book is about a girl named Sophia Jones who is searching for a distraction in her life. Sophia is a teenage girl who is overworked and has little time to destress. One day at school, as she awaits for another dreadful day, she finds herself with a pleasant surprise. She catches a glimpse of a new gorgeous boy at the front of the school. As the story progresses, she makes an attempt to gain the boy's attention and often daydreams about the possible relationship that could happen between the two of them.

The scene I chose to depict is when she is daydreaming about the boy and hopefully, her future romance. This is also the part when she loses sight of him, and becomes depressed because she may or may not see him again. In my illustration, I tried to show how as she daydreams her world becomes lighter. For example, when you glance from the left side of the image towards the right side, it slowly becomes lighter as you approach the thought bubble. Other than that, I tried to show linear perspective by adding length and a 3D dimension to the background. Also, I added depth by creating the thought bubble so that it seems closer to the viewer and making Sophia smaller so she seems a little farther.
Narrative Portrait Illustration