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Intro to Conceptual

For the Conceptual Project, Juniors develop their abstract thinking and communication skills to answer the question:
“How can I use unconventional forms to express myself?”

The conceptual projects I did while at freestyle taught me to use Animation, fine arts, poetry and web production to express my thoughts in all new ways. I’m learning to express myself through my own art style. To do that, however, I need to know how to turn my ideas into realities. That’s why, through freestyle’s Digital Media class, I am also learning how to use professional equipment and applications like DSLR Cameras, Tascam Audio Recorders, Adobe applications (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Animate, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects) and WordPress (website creation). I also take my English classes at Freestyle Academy, where I learn to integrate creativity into language.

Digital Media Projects

Haiku Project

Fighting through the snow

She gets lost, nowhere to go.

Someone offers help.

Photo Haiku

Video Haiku


Photoshop Blending Modes Images

Photoshop Screen Tool

Screen: a photo blending tool that lightens the photo

(Opposite of Multiply)

Screen practice #1

Screen practice #2

Photoshop Multiply Tool

Multiply: a photo blending tool that darkens the photo

(Opposite of Screen)
Multiply practice #1

Multiply practice #2

Photoshop Overlay Tool

Overlay: a photo blending tool that can both darken and lighten the photo, depending on what the user does

(Mix between Screen and Multiply)

Overlay practice #1

Overlay practice #2

Animation Projects

Direct Techniques

A solo project with the purpose of practicing Direct Techniques

Direct Techniques include:

Pose-to-Pose: You draw images at several important parts of the animation and fill in the blanks. Far more organized but the final animation may end up looking mechanical

Straight Ahead: You start from the very first image and draw whatever comes to mind. Less organized but generalized yields a more creative/fun final animation


Direct Technique practice #1 (100% straight ahead)


Direct Technique practice #2 (100% straight ahead)

Exquisite Corpse

A collaborative project, created by all the 2018-2019 juniors at Freestyle Academy

Exquisite Corpse: “A method by which a collection of words or images is collectively assembled. Each collaborator adds to a composition in sequence, either by following a rule or by being allowed to see only the end of what the previous person contributed.” -Definition by Wikipedia



Dragon Frame

The Animation program we chose to use for stop motion

Animation Tab: the page that displays the final shot and the ordering of the frames (where the actual animating takes place)


Cinematography tab: where edit the camera’s exposure, shutter speed, and ISO to perfect the look of our shot



The main photo editing program used in both Animation and Digital Media


After Affects

One of the video editing programs that we use in Digital Media


Premier Pro

One of the video editing programs that we use in both Animation and Digital Media