The Narrtive 2 Unit was very similar to the Narrtive 1 Unit last year, but not totally the same. The purpose of this unit was to create three columns of one story in English class. The three columns had to be from the same story, but written in different points of view. One of the view points had to be from the main character's point of view and the other two could be from anyone else from the story, like a bystander viewing the events happening in the story. It could also been from a third person point of view or a first person point of view too. The goal of writting the same story in different points of view was to get an understanding of what a situation is like from a different persons view.

The goal of the design portion of the Narrative 2 Unit was to create a book jacket of our story. We took a bunch of photos of ourselves so that we could have an author photo for the book jacket. We then designed the book jacket with the program Indesign and the design of the book jacket had to be relating to our story. Since my story was set in a park, I made the book jacket have a green bench (like in my story) in a park. Over all making an author bio and an author photo of ourselves was really exciting. For our other design project, we had to create a surrealist picture using only photos we had took. I decided to take a little red chair and put it on a tree branch and make the background of an upside down sky. To be honest we didn't have that much time to do the surrealist photo, so mine didn't turn out exactly what I had planned.

For the Webaudio portion, we had to create an animation of our Narrative 2 story with After Effects and create this website. The design of my Narrative 2 website was more related to the surrealist portion because the background is of the sky I used for the background of my surrealist photo, which I think is a really awesome picture I took. Creating the animation was a huge pain because it took a long time for me to actually get a start on it on my own. I made the animation mostly talking because I thought it was really cool that we could make our characters talk with syncing the different mouths with the audio. I definitley learned how to make things look like they are talking in After Effects which I enjoyed learning the most.

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