For the Conceptual Project, my class develop our abstract thinking and communication skills to answer an essential question,

“How can I use unconventional forms to express myself?”

This unit asks students to take creative risks through poetry, experimental film, and web production. It challenge us to express our opinions through a distinct personal aesthetic. we began to learn a variety of modern professional equipment and applications such as Adobe Photoshop,  Adobe Premiere Pro, and Apple Final Cut Pro.

During this unit, Digital media helped me learn how to use technology to advantage, Film helped me learn how to work with a cast for my experimental project, and English helped me learn how to creatively come up with ideas for poetry.

Photo Haiku

This unit, we wrote haikus in english, and then made them into videos for digital media.

This is a photo of a wooden bowl full of dead flowersThis is an image I took.  I put my haiku over the image.

Photo Haiku Premiere Pro Screenshot

This is a screenshot of my premiere pro interface with the work of my photo haiku shown

Other Poems done this unit

White World

The Voiceless
Exquisite Corpse

I thought that it was interesting that we got to produce our poems in multiple formats. We made videos to go with them, we recorded them and put them on Soundcloud, and we made collaborative videos. This helped me advance my video editing skills, as well as forced me to be comfortable recording my voice.

Blend Modes


This unit, I learned DSLR manual camera techniques and Photoshop editing techniques. I learned how to brighten and darken photos, and I learned how to blend two photos together. I think these things are valuable to know because whenever I need to do basic editing to photos, now I will know how.

Film projects

This unit in film, our class worked on doing experimental films. This means we did films without a strict storyline or characters, but one that still tells a message. We were given a statement to use as the center message. Each student’s statement was different. Mine happened to be “I experience adoration through walking alone.” After filming, we used Premier pro to edit our films. We had to learn how to create sequences and use effects.

In this class, I valued learning how to use cameras and edit. I learned how to properly use a tripod, too. We were taught how to pan, and how to change the focus on a camera in a shot. Learning how to edit was difficult. I had to learn how to put videos in Premier, and edit them so that the videos made sense next to each other.