This unit challenged us to express ourselves through the use of poetry, website production, and in my case, animations. We learned how to use tools like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, DSLR cameras, and WordPress in order to convey the message that we were seeking to unveil. In English I was able to gather several skills in poetry by properly understanding how to use techniques such as allusion and alliteration to enhance my work. Another skill included making poetry in response to another artist’s work, after spending time reflecting on it. In Digital Media, I learned the fundamentals and the techniques of the Adobe software listed above, as well as the skills needed to make a website on WordPress. Through effectively and developing these skills, I was able to create quality videos that mirrored the projects done in English. Last but not least, Animation allowed me the creative freedom that I needed in order to have motivation making animations, but also helped me build up skills along the way. These included but are not limited to: staging, follow through, overlapping action, pose to pose, and straight ahead. These were essential in the making of my animations, as they improved the overall look and style of my pieces.

Photo Haiku Photo and Video: 

A wet paint brush rests vertically on a wood surface
Paint brush resting on a wood board

The photo haiku assignment tasked us to first write a concept statement that included an emotion, and a corresponding action that related to it. Then, we wrote haikus based on this statement that had a subtle connection. Photos were taken to match the poem in a metaphorical way, and then everything was compiled into a short composition. The video was made via Adobe Premiere Pro, and we added a short introduction as well as music when creating it.



Premiere Pro Workspace
Premiere Pro Workspace





In this assignment, I valued the fundamental skills that we picked up and used to create an original composition. It was an introduction to how to make videos using Adobe Premiere Pro, as well as a project that strengthened our poetic skills greatly. There was lots of creative freedom, so I was able to make something that I actually thought of myself.

Ekphrastic & Exquisite Corpse Poems:

The poetry unit continued to build as the class as tasked to reflect on a piece of art that was on display at the SF MOMA. Then we would have to write a 10-25 line piece based on the art that we chose to use, that could describe the meaning of the art, the story, our emotional reaction, etc. This further developed our poetry skills as well as our ability to write a reaction to another artist’s work. It also once again gave us creative freedom to pursue art that spoke to us.

This next poem is a haiku that I wrote for an assignment to present two of the best poems that I created, disregarding the exquisite corpse poem. It once again strengthened our skills in poetry, forcing us to think outside the box and make something creative.












This is the exquisite corpse poem project. It tasked us to collaboratively write a poem from scratch about nothing in particular. This involved passing around a piece of paper around the group and each writing one line. The catch, however, was that we couldn’t see any other person’s line other than the line directly above ours. This inability to see the entire poem made it difficult to create a line that was somewhat connected to the lines above the one I could see.

Adobe After Effects Workspace
Adobe After Effects Workspace







I valued producing poetry in various formats because it taught me several skills using different media. Whether it was photos, videos, or audio, it really helped me understand how to emphasize and magnify the poems I wrote through the compositions I made.

Blending Modes:

Blending modes in photoshop are used to change the look of an image by darkening, lighting, creating contrast, etc. We were assigned to learn and then demonstrate the skills of using blending modes on Adobe Photoshop for pictures that we took ourselves.




















Adobe Photoshop Workspace
Adobe Photoshop Workspace

I valued that this assignment taught us how to make our photos look much better using basic photoshop techniques. By being able to alter an image to make it look acceptable for what you’re trying to do, it ultimately improves the project that you’re working on. These fundamental skills that we learned on this assignment helped us accomplish this. Also, the camera techniques that we have been taught vastly improve our skills when taking and deciding where to take photographs.


The flip book assignment involved creating a 5-10 second animation from all paper cards to evoke emotion. In my piece, I try to convey embarrassment and shame. Although this project was very tedious, having to draw each frame separately, it strengthened our animation skills by introducing us to frame rate.

The direct techniques project tasked students to create two pieces from different forms of media. They also had to include staging, follow through, and overlapping action. These two compositions really helped me improve animating because it got me used to more types of media that I can now use, as well as new animation principles.


The exquisite corpse assignment is like the poetry one stated above. Except this time, it is animated instead of written and recorded. Given the first and last frame of the animation, we were given complete creative freedom to do whatever animation we wanted to. This lead to some very cool animations that all flowed nicely together. In addition, this project taught us more about collaboration and sticking to a schedule.

Below is the software we use for lots of the animations we have made so far and are in progress of making right now. Dragonframe 4 allows us to take pictures as frames and stack them together, ultimately making the animation. This is what is used for animations using paper cut outs, sand, drawings, and more.