Narrative 1


This project was a Visual Narrative. It was a passionate filled project where we created a story and refined it. We added more and more depth and detail and story by creating Images songs, sounds and so much more. This page is the cominalation of my work. This project was difficult for me especially because I struggle with narrowing my vision. This project helped me learn how to breathe and take on what I know I can do. I also learned how to create interesting illustration in adobe illustrator and the art of telling a story passionately. 


Provide background context by answering these questions:What was the assignment in English?What was your inspiration for your story?
Explain how you produced the audio version of your story.What did you value from the writing to audio version of your short story?

 (Refine this)The Assignment in English was to create a narrative short story. In digital media we refined the short story and began implementing our digital media skills into creating an audio book of our original short story. My inspiration came from questioning the meaning of bravery and sacrifice, this was compounded when I learned the story of Sophie School, a young girl who lived in Germany during the reign of the Nazis. She stood against them and spoke out against the regime that was evil even though it was against everyone. She stood alone against tyranny and hatred and paid for it with her life. That Heroism to me is one of the most powerful in the world and I wished to recreate that in my short story. I began by finishing the story then compiling the script then I began to search for sound affects which would fit the story. Finding the right affects was the hardest part but after that came something more intuitive which of course was the construction and placement of audio file to complete the picture. What I valued most from the the Audio project was learning more about these different methods to give something a 3 dimensional feel. I never thought about the work which went into audio design until this project.


Add the title of your story and format it as a title.
Insert the SoundCloud interface of your short story
Paste in the text of your short story and format it so it’s block indented and paragraphs are separated by a blank line.
Because people like to know about the “behind the scenes” process, add an “impressive” screenshot of your Audition Short Story Audio file and add a caption to explain what the image is about.


Provide viewer with some context about the custom illustrations you created for your section headers and browser favicon (Site Identity image) on this page.How did you create them? How are the images related to your Short Story?
Because people like to know about the “behind the scenes” process, add an “impressive” screenshot of your Narrative 1 Website Headers Illustrator file and add a caption to explain what the image is about.
The Illustration I created for my short story are my banner art for this page! I created them with Adobe illustrator for my short story. I struggle with creating art with a pencil so I decided that I would challenge myself to create unique art with tools I can use. All of my banner art is created by taking a variety of shapes cutting and resizing them and fitting them together to create unique objects. Then of course coloring is done to give the image a vibrant feel. I was happy with what I created. The Images relate to my story because they have the same dark feel as my story and I believe they add to the mood of the story.

Cinematic Works

The Elective class I am taking is Film and this year we have been hard at work at refining our skills. We have continued to learn more and more on Premier Pro. We learned how to create a great story and how to film such a syory properly. The Climax of all of this work was our Narrative Project. This was a short film which was worked on by two. This was one of the most challengin projects this year in film because we had to learn how to work together to create a vission we both can see. I really valued this experience of working with my partner and learning more about how the film industry functions. I need to thank my partner Ryan, It trully was a team effort and I dont think I could have done it withought him. Now enough talking about the film! Read the Synopsis then Enjoy watching it! Other Projects will be embeded bellow the Narrative project!
Narrative Synopsis
Act 1

A filth covered house. Trash and dirty clothes litter the room. The camera focus on a trash can. The title is shown and then disappears as loud metallic breaks the silence. A montage begins of all the objects in the room with a special focus on a gun. A 15-16 year old is lying on the couch. Arms draped to the side. He slowly puts on shoes sides and walks out of the door. He is walking to the store and walks down an alley. Behind him the audience sees from a privileged position a figure appear. We cut to him walking and humming. This is cut by a click. He turns and sees a man with a gun. He gestures to give him the wallet. Afraid he stutters and scrambles to grab the wallet. The figure grows angry and hits him across the face with his gun. He falls to the ground. As the sound of the world fades to classical music as we see action shots of the boy being beat. Blood covering his face he lies on the ground. In pain. His face in a puddle. The man grabs his wallet and walks away slowly. The boys face rises and we see pain mixed in with anger.

Act 2

Filled with newfound hatred and anger that corrupts him he walks home will blood begins to harden. He enters inside and sees the gun. He grabs it stuttering and conflicted. With a close up we see what he thinks as he grabs and pockets the gun. He then leaves home and walks down an alley. There he sees a man. He seems incredibly conflicted. Not sure of what he going to die. He goes and draws the gun. A click and the man turns around. We see that the boy is shaking. Trying to speak. He doesn’t and just gestures for the wallet. The man quickly gives it to him. The boy backs away afraid and nervous and trips. The gun goes off. The man is dead and we see his face change to one of fear.

Act 3

The boy is running and crying and covered in blood. The cops are chasing him and he runs his abandoned house. He crashes in and cries and sighs. He steps out and tries to surrender. He moves quickly and is shot once by police. We focus in his eyes. Pain and anguish bleed in and he stands and draws the gun points it at the officers and tries to fire. He is gunned down in a hail fire of bullets.

The end