This unit focused on using different media and forms of communication to tell a story. We explored narrative writing in English, illustrations in digital media, and animated stories in Animation. We were challenged to step out of our comfort zones and use the technology and opportunities in Freestyle to do something special. 


Our assignment in english was to create a short story or flash fiction which communicated an idea or concept to the reader. We focused heavily on the concept of “show not tell”, which challenged us to put more thought in how we progressed the story and character development. It was a good learning experience which taught me to be more organized with the plot and to be selective with which plot points I choose to develop. 
album art for short story


One of our assignments was to create header illustrations for our website. I decided to go for a sky theme and wanted to use interesting colors for the clouds. I used Photoshop. 
For our personal illustrations, we were given complete freedom to create a visual of our choice. I wanted to create a piece that had an interesting use of perspective to challenge myself. I also played with different color combinations to create the tone that I wanted. 
Personal illustration using Adobe Illustrator



Character Designs

For this assignment, we were challenged with designing two characters to use for our walk cycles. We learned about the ways we could add personality and interest to our designs to further develop our characters.

Mood Scene

For this project, we created walk cycles with our characters that we designed, one using Photoshop and one using Adobe Animate. We created a set in groups and set up mood lighting to create the atmosphere and emotion of our choice.



We learned a new type of animation called rotoscoping, where we draw over a live action video. This gave us more freedom to experiment with our own styles and interpretations of the movement.


Narrative Project

Our assignment was to create a narrative animation that told a story without using dialogue. My group was Natalie and Alex. Below are the images I made as concept art and the storyboards. (Further down is the finished animation)

Using After Effects to edit shots
Using Photoshop to animate


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