For the Conceptual Project, the Juniors developed their abstract thinking and communication skills to answer the question,

“How can I use unconventional forms to express myself?”

This project encouraged us to experiment around and discover what kinds of things we could make using technology such as DSLR Cameras, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, WordPress, Tascam Audio Recorders, etc.


Photo Haiku

In English class, we wrote haikus based off of a concept statement, and added an appropriate image. My concept statement was, “I am exploring the feeling of anxiety through the experience of flying.”

In the Digital Media class, we used Premiere Pro to edit our text and photo into a video, with our voices overlaid in the background reading the poem.

Doing this project was very fun! I particularly enjoyed learning how to edit text onto videos, and produce a video with my own voice in it! I also really enjoyed learning how to use Premiere Pro to do our project. And although I wanted to spend more time on it, I was quite happy to move onto more complex things.