Narrative 2

The narrative two unit involved writing a story in English class and creating several works of art in design including a comic strip, character portrait, surreal art, and a 10-year future illustration.

English Column

I wrote multiple versions of a story involving a wolf creature from varying perspectives. My favorite version was written in first person.

I crept closer and waited. Then I heard it. The sound of the train. I rushed forward to intercept it, expecting the people to scream and run away. But they barely noticed me. The train stopped and I followed them on. Perhaps they were distracted by the day's newspaper and hadn't realized I had snuck aboard. I felt a hand upon my back. Twisting around, I bared my teeth only to be patted on the head. The owner of the hand didn't even flinch. I had an urge to strike out but I resisted. There were too many of them, and the train was already moving. I planted myself in a corner, crouching down in an attempt to look small. From the window, I watch the trees running away in a single file. Soon, my home would be passing by too.

After a few hundred trees had disappeared, my legs began shaking. I paced the aisle, looking for a more comfortable spot. There was a small girl in front. She clapped her hands in my direction, beckoning me forward. I stepped towards her. She clapped again. I took a few more steps. When I was close enough, she grabbed me by the neck and pulled me towards her. I let her do so while hiding my teeth from view.

It was an unusual feeling, being petted like a dog. I tried to relax while her cold hands moved to my face. I stepped even closer, forgetting what I was doing. It didn't matter. She finished petting me and I crouched by her feet. I looked up for a better view of her face. I wasn't asking for anything, but she peeled a yellow fruit and held it to my mouth. I looked at the fruit. It didn't feel right. But I took a chance.

She pulled her hand away as my teeth sunk into the fruit. It felt like paste in my mouth. I tried to spit it out. But instead of hitting the floor, the chewed up food landed at her feet and stayed there. Before I could look up, her hand had taken a blow to my face. I pulled back, flashing every one of my teeth. It seemed to work. She lifted her legs off the ground and tried to shoo me away. When her hand came towards me, I jumped forward biting into those fingers. She screamed a most beautiful melody so I pulled away to howl along.

Up and down the train, people were coming towards me. I swing left and right, warning them to stay away. When the train stops, I run out the doors and head for the trees. No one dares to chase me so I slow down and wait for the train to pass.

Design Artwork

Comic Strip

The comic strip was adapted from the column I wrote in English. It shows a wolf boarding a train and attacking a passenger for no apparent reason.

Character Portrait

The character portrait was based on a fake Facebook profile I created in Design class. The character's name is Mike and is shown rethinking his life. I chose to limit the colors in the photo to amplify the contrast between the light and dark areas.

Surreal Art

The surreal art piece was inspired by ten days of dream journaling in which I recorded all I could remember from the night before. I realized that dreams are more about emotion than logical ideas so I attempted to show the feelings of isolation by piecing different photos together.

10-year Future Illustration

This illustration shows what my hopes and dreams of the future are. In ten years, I hope to have succeeded in my fencing endeavors. My only fear is that I'll give up before then.

Making of Video