Kristen Redaniel

Welcome to my Profile Website! The assignment for the profile assignment was to find a person in the community who is interesting and also helps out their community. I decided to base my profile project on this girl named Kristen Redaniel. Kristen was a very interesting person to profile because her personality is so "crazy and crazy". Her wild personality is key to be a great musical performer and singer. Her passion for music strives her to help children attain that musical outlet because schools are cutting music and arts programs due to budget cuts.

I took photographs of Kristen as well as recorded our interviews to put in my After Effects video and I created an article in InDesign that included my English paper and photographs. Feel free to listen to Kristen and her friend, Danielle, sing with the mp3 I created using ProTools.

I made this video using After Effect, it was a step up from using Flash and it was very difficult to figure out. I had to record my essay using ProTools and the entire audio was 6 minutes long for a 4 page essay. I had to put in my photos and transitions but After Effects is not a very user friendly program..I couldn't just hit spacebar and automatically hear and see my video, I had to hit 0 and then have the frames "render" until I got to see everything. It was so hard putting this video together and I hope you appreciate all my hard work.

This article was made using InDesign. It's a very nice programs where we can create books and articles. I made this article about Kristen Redaniel and tried to make it very simple and yet abstract. I took some photographs of her and made it my main focus because I focused more on the aesthetics aspects. Enjoy!