How can I use unconventional ways to express myself?

In the conceptual unit, juniors began to learn how to use Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects, and several others. It pushed us to be experimental and try new things in our creations through poetry, photos, and film production. This unit was a chance to convince students to try something out of their comfort zone and be creative and metaphoric with what we make. I valued this unit because I has to complete many things that I am not accustomed to in school. It was an abrupt start, but useful for everything that I needed to learn.

Intention Statement Here

Experimental Film

Creating an experimental film was the first major project that was assigned in film class. The idea is to express emotion through a film without following an actual story line. I really enjoyed filming, editing, and getting collaborative feedback from my peers for this assignment.


Photo Haiku Video

The poem for this video was written in English class, and we turned it into a more interesting experience by making it a video in Digital Media.

This is a view of how I edited this video using Adobe Premiere Pro. I inserted a photo I took to go with this poem and added text over it using a legacy title. Next, I added the sound of me speaking from my Tascam Recorder and other nature/musical sounds.



Here I have displayed the recordings and visuals for two of my best poems created in English class. The first was the Ekphrastic Poem, which was written about pieced of art in the SFMOMA.  I pulled inspiration from this piece of art to create the same emotion is my poem about it. The second poem was intended to convey the feeling of peacefulness in my conceptual statement by thinking back to an old childhood memory.


























Exquisite Corpse Poem Video

This is a look at how I edited this video using After Effects. Each member of my group from English class contributed their own photo and line of poetry that I combined into a video as you can see here.


Photoshop Blend Modes

For this assignment, I had to use various methods of photoshop blend modes to improve my original images. This included combining multiple photos, duplicating images, and using black and white brush strokes to change specific areas of lighting.