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Film Synopsis 

During day or dusk. A janitor is cleaning the office. Coughing the janitor takes a bottle out of his pocket with pills in it at takes some. He is well known around the office and talks and says hi to everyone as they leave. He knows everyone around the office and they know him because he has worked their for a while. Janitor helps him retrieve them. Everyone leaves work day is over. Cut to him mopping the floor during the night. Shots of him cleaning in most of the rooms we will later be in to establish the space. (Maybe cleaning things that will be important later.) Starts cleaning the lobby. Hears a knock on the door. He looks over and sees a man standing there, staring in the office emotionless. He walks over to the door and points at clock. Man doesn’t move or do anything. Janitor looks around the office and sees a closed sign. He goes to grab the sign when he comes back to show it to the man, he is gone.  He is very weirded out and shivers as the puts the sign back down. Moves on from lobby and starts cleaning a room next to it. He is very distraught and about the man, so he walks back to the lobby to check again. The door is wide open. Janitor instantly freaks out looking all around him. Holds up his mop like a weapon. Walks around the corner, still looking around frantic. Goes over to reception desk and picks up the phone. Phone is dead, dead line beeping. [Does something to show that he is going to get in his car and leave to either get help or just leave.] Makes his way slowly to the exit and gets into his car. He starts driving out of the parking lot but as he pulls out of the driveway, the forgetful coworker pulls in. He continues driving for about but the stops in the middle of the road. Stares at the open road ahead of him and then back to the building where the co worker walked into. Dramatic scene until eventually he super quickly u turns and drives back into the parking lot, not taking the time to park in a spot. He runs back in the office and tries to find the coworker who just went in. He is searching between the isles looking for the coworker but isn’t calling for him for fear that the other person will hear him. He hears something in the kitchen the and

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Lyrical Essay


You knew nothing about America. Except they had TV’s. You’ve never seen a TV before but you have heard about them.

It’s 1971. You’re 13. Coming from what was then a 3rd world country, you

stand out

in New Jersey. Most kids there haven’t seen a South Korean before.

Called out

Cast aside

Human diminished to a joke

“How did your parents name you?”

Not again you think.

This was never funny

Why do they think    you are funny?

“ Did they drop a tin can down the stairs?”

“Ching Chang Ping Pang”

Although you’re in a school filled with minorities, you still stand out.

Although life was way different back in South Korea, you never experienced anything like this.

You were never called out

You were never cast aside

You were never just a joke

Surrounded by your family, the ones who love you.

Now surrounded by people who don’t understand you, alone.

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