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Welcome to my conceptual website! Here I am showcasing all the work I have created for my conceptual project. The whole point of the project is to develop abstract thinking and communication skills and to use unconventional forms to express ideas. This project really integrated my WebAudio, Design, and English class together in order to make this project. Throughout this project I have learned how to use many different programs to create whatever I can think of! We learned what makes a good poem in English class. We learned how to edit photos with Photo shop in Design class. We learned how to use ProTools and Flash to create music and videos. Then we took all these pieces and put them together on a website in Dreamweaver.


Using the buttons above you can navigate to the different sections of my website. You will be able to see all my different conceptual pieces. Hope you enjoy them!


These are poems I wrote in English class. After composing each poem I put them onto an image that represents the poem in some way. Then I recorded myself reciting the poem and added music that reflects the tone of the poem. The first poem is my 10 Line Poem. We were required to write a poem with at least ten lines. The second poem is my Ekphrastic Poem. An ekphrastic poem is a poem that describes something such as a scene or a work of art. On our trip to the De Young Museum we had to find an art piece that spoke to us and write our poem on that art piece. The piece I chose to write my poem about is called "If All the World Were Paper and All the Water Sink" by Jess (Burgess Franklin Collins). The last poem is my Spoken Word Poem. This was a poem we had to present to the class we needed to show the tone through our presentation of the poem. This poem sound best when spoken. Click on each image to see and hear my poems!

10 Line Poem
Ekphrastic Poem
Spoken Word Poem
Photo Haiku

In English we were given a random concept statement. Mine was "Exploring the feeling of Fear through Cooking." We then had to write a haiku that uses this concept statement. Using our haiku we then had to take a photo that represents the tone of our poem. We then moved our project over to WebAudio. We took our photo and using flash we created a simple video. We learned how to use pro tools to record the audio and make simple music to go play at the beginning and end of our video. This is my final video! The screenshot below is how I made my photo haiku video. We used an application called Flash to create a simple video with a tittle and end screen, then we added the audio we made in ProTools.

Screenshot of PhotoHaiku in Flash


I Am Exploring The Feeling Of Fear Through Cooking

Click the image above to see my art!
My photo explores the fear that can be found through cooking implements, knives in particular. Cooking knives are meant to be used to prepare food by cutting up meat and other types of food. But, these knives can cut through human flesh just as easily as they can food. My photo exemplifies this concept with the two cooking knifes drenched in blood. I played around with many different angles and the positioning of the knives. I also played around with lighting using a red light to get a very evil feel. I chose this photo because it uses quite a few of the principles of photography. The photo uses the rule of thirds focusing on the edge of the left knife. It also uses background and depth with the butcher knife blurred in the background. It also uses eye level with the left knife almost perpendicular to the camera.

I did not end up editing my photo all that much. I added a vignette to enhance the dark feel of the photo. Other than that I did not add any filters to any certain part of my photo because my focus point did not need anything added to it. There was one filter I liked, but unfortunately it only worked when I put it over the whole photo. Plus I feel like my use of the principles of photography negates the need for a filter.

Like I said in my first paragraph, my photo uses blood soaked cooking knives to convey a certain feeling of fear. The fear that these simple cooking tools could be used to take away something's life.


Techno Overload

Our last conceptual project was to create a piece of original music using our newly acquired skills in ProTools. The song was needed to be at least one minute long, but I accidentally got a little carried away and ended up making a six minute song. The theme is very techno and I tried to build the whole song with that genre. I hope you enjoy it! This is officially the first song I have ever created! It's far from perfect, but now I can improve upon music I make in the future. The two screen shots below are pictures of my song in ProTools.

Screenshot of my ProTools Session.

Screenshot of my ProTools Session.

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