The experimental project was the first unit we did at Freestyle, in English we drew words out of a hat to make a concept statement which we then did various pieces of work about including a poem and a film (I am exploring the feeling of ___ through ___). This was a random process that produced some very deep and thought provoking statements but also some rather weird ones. My statement was more on the random side as I drew the feeling of depression through watching children play. I felt like the best thing to write my poem on was someone who had a nostalgia trip when they stumbled on children playing innocently in a field during the summer. I used a Haiku poem format because it allowed to me have three different lines all with different tones. The first line (its summer, children play) was designed to put the audience in their comfort zone by showing the subject as children playing which is almost always a positive thing. The next line is what switches the tone from happiness and sets up a more depressing tone (but all I feel is sadness) this line also serves to keep the audience engaged. The final line (My son has passed away) brings the poem together in a revealing and climactic way in which the reader feels both complete and empty at the same time.

In film we directed our first project which was also based around our concept statement, we brainstormed creative ways to show our statement that would make the audience think, but still get the point. Given that my emotion was literally depression, I was left with mostly sad options for my film however it ended up working out pretty well. I decided to shoot a variety of eerie places or activities that would normally have children, then remove the children and gray the color of my film in order to give the audience the sense that something was wrong but leave them without being able to place it.

Another smaller project from the film class was a silent short scene which was made completely in class time, here it is

The digital media side of this unit also revolved around our poem, we were asked to find an abstract image that represented our poem, record and audio and have the lines of the poem come up on the screen in sync with the audio. This was our first experience with editing software and it served as an introduction into how to import media, add titles and get the feel for Adobe projects.