Narrative 1


The short story assignment was for every member of the Junior class to write a 3-6 page story with original characters and plot, I looked forward to this project as I typically enjoy assignments with a wide range of accepted criteria. For my story I decided to write about a man from Powell, Wyoming who’s troubled past has held him back from having a happy life. He ends up coming to terms with this and decides that the main reason for his unsatisfactory life is that he is still haunted by bad memories from his childhood and a change of scenery would be the best way for him to broaden his horizons and move on.


Digital Media had its own spin on the project as we recorded our audio of the story and then edited it to have sound effects that followed the story to engage the listener more and place them deeper into the story. I learned a lot from the audio portion of this unit, it make me think about how I could change my writing style to better immerse the audience and in the end I feel it made me a much better writer. Even though adding audio is not the most exciting job I could definitely see myself doing it in the future as part of another project or even for fun with my friends. 


In film we were tasked with a similar project as English in which we pitched an original narrative and worked with it to make a complete short film. I was very excited going into the project because I felt that I had 2 good ideas which could be made into effective short films. The first idea was fairly simple, it revolved around a poker game in which the dealer is rigging the cards in order to turn the players against each other. I really liked this idea because it set itself up for a very nice twist at the end when it is revealed that the dealer is in fact the one who is cheating the game. Despite this I decided to use my second idea which followed underground turtle races, featuring a pair of real turtles which my friend had agreed to let us use for filming. The turtle race got the green light and after one round of dailies it was looking like we would be able to complete a good film on time. But soon after things took a turn for the worst, the turtles we had been using were no longer available and it was too late to switch back to the poker film so we had to resort to animating turtles for the entire film. Looking back this was not a good idea because neither me or my partner had any experience animating and we would be learning a new and complex skill halfway through the most strenuous project we had been given yet. Despite hard work and late nights by both me and my partner the film was only half finished by the due date. Not much progress has been made on the film since then as there have been plenty of projects to keep us busy in the following months however here is a friends film that I helped on.

Film Production