Daisy Bell

Welcome to the second narrative website. In this unit I was assigned to create another story using only Adobe After Effects to create my animation. If you click on the photos below you will see my website prototype plan to create this whole website that you are currently looking at. Throughout this whole website you will be able to see my website, my animation, my animation, and etc. Thank you for visiting my website, and I hope you enjoy your time here.


For this assignment I had to chose one of my different perspective stories to begin the process of creating my animation. I decided to choses the boys point of view for this piece. On this page you can be able to see some of the art work that I created for the animation by clicking on the left side of the photos. I used a program called Adobe Illustrator to draw, and create the layout and design for the animation and characters. If you click on your right you will be able to see my blink and surrealist pieces that were not a part of the animation process but were connected to the concept of creating a story through art.

For my blink work I was assigned to create three pieces of artwork, one was zentangles, next was the zentangles within a word, and finally the mandala. Afterwards we would have to combine our artworks into one piece, and I was assigned to take a photo that was related to my whole experience in the blink assignment. For the surrealist assignment I was assigned to take more than 60 photos and to only use the top 10 or 60 photos for my surliest piece. The smallest piece mainly consists of photos only, and I was assigned to create a story or an idea for my audience to interpret. My experience for both projects has been both a confusingly , creative ride for me. I feel as though going through these projects has made me realize my potential to create a vivid story out of the use of art alone.


In my english class I was assigned to create a story through the use of someones else's point of view. One would be first person, the second would be third person, and finally the last story would be secondary view. It was a bit of a challenge writing in three different perspectives that had to involve around the same story but in the end I was proud to create the same story involving around different point of views.

Afterwards I was assigned to pick one of my stories in order to create the comic above here. I was assigned to create a visual representation of my story in order to help me process the visual idea of what I want to animate for the animation. For my design class I was assigned to create a book jacket of my story. I used Adobe Indesign to create the layout, and design of the book. If you click on the photo on the left corner you can be able to see my book jacket. I had a lot of fun creating a book jacket, although it was a struggle creating a book cover that would fit the idea and theme for this short story I endured the challenge and ended up creating something that I am very proud off.


If you would like to watch my animatic please click on the "play video" image to begin watching. Thank you. Before I can begin creating my animation I needed to create my animatic in order for me to understand what I need or don’t need for the final animation. In my last narrative unit I was assigned to use Adobe Flash for my animatic and animation, but this year I was assigned to use Adobe After Effects to create both of these pieces. I had a hard time trying to completely grasp the new tools I had to use from After Effects, not to mention I struggled more with creating the animatic because I was unsure what I exactly wanted for this animation piece. In the end I managed to create an animatic that eventually became an animation.


In my web audio class I was assigned to animate my chosen point of view stories from my english in Adobe After Effects. I decided to use the story from my first point of you story which takes place in a flower shop with a man named Jim. I was inspired to create a black and white film for the animation piece because I not only wanted to do something different for this piece, but I want audience to mainly focus on the story rather the amount of detail that is placed into the animation.

As I said before it was a struggle to create this animation piece because I had a hard time understand the concept of what it means to truly animate a piece for I am no expert when comes to animating. I focused more on the amount of detail for this animation rather than to animate the story. I feel as though this animation piece has taught me the value of patience through passion. I was very passionate to create a new animation piece in which I can experiment more ideas and styles for this piece. Over all have mastered the art of creating a story through the push of determination and passion. If you would like to watch my animation please click on the image on left hand corner to begine watching. Thank you and enjoy.