Welcome to my Narrative 2 website! Here you can find my short stories, animation, book jacket, surrealist piece, as well as my blink piece! To create this website I used Adobe Dreamweaver for the coding part and for the design elements I used Adobe Illustrator. This Narrative 2 unit has been the most difficult unit for me so far because After Effects is the most intricate program that we have learned to date here at Freestyle, and I would go so far as to say that it is definitely one of the most difficult Adobe Programs to master. However, I have also become much more proficient in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, as well as InDesign through the completion of my other pieces of art created during this unit.


Below you can find my various art pieces from the Narrative 2 unit, specifically my surrealist piece, book jacket, and my Blink/amplified piece. To create these pieces of art, I used Adobe Illustrator, Indesign, and Photoshop. All photos used in all of the pieces were either taken or drawn by myself.

Above you can find my Surrealist Piece. For those of you who don't necessarily know what surrealism is, it is a 20th-century avant-garde movement in art and literature that sought to release the creative potential of the unconscious mind. Surrealism utilizes abstract concepts and images that revolve around a twisted reality. My piece features some Red Vines in a sarcophagus, featuring various anteaters and all of the Red Power Rangers up until 2002.


Below you can find my book jacket for my series of short stories revolving around burlap sacks and everything burly. The goal of this project was to accurately portray the tone and certain aspects of our stories through design elements and color schemes. We used things like ISBN tags and fake publishing company information to make the book jacekt seem more realistic. You can find my stories under the stories section of the website.



Below you can see my animation that was created with Adobe After Effects. The animation is based off of my story that I wrote in English, and designed the cover for in Design. Watch below and tell me what you think! The video below it is my animatic, which served as an outline for the animation. Animatics help gauge how long each scene should be, as well as gives us an overall sense of what should go where.

Read my stories kids

I am the center of the world, and this sandbox is mine. I am the omnipotent force that oversees all creations within these 10 by 10 constructs.

“Is this the trash you call a sand castle?” I inquire with a scathing squint.

“Uhh... I don’t… Um…” The wimpy kid replies.

“Pathetic!” I scream as I knock over his castle with one swift motion of my foot. My light up Skechers illuminate a flashing blue and green light upon impact, as the other child in the sandbox weep with heavy tears of disappointment. Being a seven year old dictator of an entire sandbox called for an immense amount of overlord-like responsibilities, which I gladly obliged through violence and onslaught.

I hold power over everyone, except for my mother.

“Basil Archibald Obadiah what have you done to your poor friend’s sand castle?!? Go get your father to take you to the restroom and clean yourself up immediately!” My mother roared.

“Alright, you expired coupon… I’ll go find that fat father of mine.” I solemnly retorted under my breath.

As I wandered through the park, I stumbled upon my father, passed out in a nearby lawn chair, being a bum as usual.

    “I don’t need this fat man’s help to go to the bathroom… I can do it by myself.” I thought.

The journey to the bathroom was a long and labyrinthine  path, and I found myself disoriented and lost several times, however I didn’t need anyone’s assistance to get to my desired destination.

When I finally stumbled onto the building, I noticed  it was dimly lit and poorly designed, with doors lining their way on the side of the hall leading to the bathroom at the end. It was an intimidating situation, but my pride was too strong to be able to admit fear. I trudged on towards the bathroom at the end of the hall, convinced that I could make it by myself.

Suddenly, a masked burly man with an even burlier burlap sack springs out from a door to my left, scooping my little seven year old body up with one strapping motion, into his burly burlap sack. A feeling of panic flooded my body and I can’t breathe. I can vaguely make out my abductor through the overly burly burlap sack.

“Let me out you baboon!” I yelp from inside the burly burlap sack.

“Shut up you little runt!” My kidnapper shrieks.

    I can also make out another figure approaching my captor from behind. He was an even larger and more burly man with what appeared to be an even larger and burlier burlap sack in his left hand. To everyone’s surprise, he scoops up my captor into his burlap sack, allowing the sack I was in to drop to the ground. My original abductor was just abducted by another kidnapper. The second masked and burliest man was holding in his hand an enormous burlap sack, within it was my original assaulter.

    “Holy muffins!” I yell as this whole situation was out of control.

    I slowly crawl out of my burlap sack, looking up at my savior/potential captor.

He slowly removes his mask to reveal that he is my fat disgrace of a father all along!

    “You bastard what the hell are you doing?” I yell at my incompetent procreator.

“Basil, you should have asked for help when you went to the bathroom like your mother instructed, this park is in a very dangerous area. It was very irresponsible for you to wander off on your own like that.” My father instructed.

“Alright… I suppose it was debatably careless to go by myself… Thanks for kidnapping my kidnapper…” I replied as I swallowed my pride.

“I suppose my rights as the supreme and omnipotent overlord only extends to the sandbox…” I said.

“That’s right, son. Way to learn your lesson. Now lets turn this criminal over to the police, and get a bucket of KFC and some donuts.” said the fat man.

“I’ll let you handle that, I’m going to finish what I started over at the sandbox. That little wimp still thinks his sandcastles are up to par, and I need to put him back in his place.” I replied.

As I returned to the sandbox, I kicked the kid’s sandcastle over into a sad little lump, spraying sand into the kid’s face. He rolled over and yelped in pain as he tried to cry the sand out of his eyes, but I knew it was no use. I stood triumphantly over his weeping figure, and told him, “your sandcastles will never be good enough for this sandbox, come back when you’ve had the proper training, and maybe then we’ll talk.” I slowly turn around and walk away, certain that I had established my position as supreme overlord of the sandbox once more.